Mod to remove dialogue timer?

Does this exist? I hate it, I’ve missed a response here and there and I hate being rushed.

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I wish there was a mod to actually use the fucking mouse to click on dialogue options, use scroll and click made me fuckup stuff pretty bad at times, and I can use arrows and enter instead it’s less worse, but it’s not fucking 1993 anymore.
Sorry for the vulgarity, I love the game, but some decisions in it just feel out of this world.

I mean it’s not a solution to your problem by any means, but clicking would just feel so much more natural in time limit restricted situations, and not have to worry if you are selecting the right thing.

I just made it, but you had better like Beer and Dogs too or you are out of luck.


thanks, man.
Meant to thank you when you responded, but completely forgot (sorry!)