Modding and Hardcore Mode



Do we know if there is any limit to modding in hardcore mode?

I’m asking because I’d like to use the mod decreasing the speed of cloth getting dirty while playing Harcode mode.

This mod change a line in the paramrpg file and works in regular mode, but not in hardcore.

I’m wondering if this file is locked somehow for hardcore mode. I would make sense to limit modding since there are specific achievements for that mode and you don’t want people du mod the difficulty down to get them, yet the current speed of cloth dirtying is way to fast and immersion breaking IMO.



Yeah, I would like to know as well. Is it the case that “mod” .paks mainly can only influence the game while in “Normal” mode? I know it isn’t universally the case. I have a few mods and some of them seem to function as intended in hardcore mode.

However, there are some things I’d like to change and after a quick skim through the .pak archives in the Data folder I didn’t see anything that seemed to refer to “Difficulty_Modes.”

I guess one option is: adopt changes that affect current hardcore mode and apply them to a “hardened core Normal Mode” mod?


The reason stuff like cloth dirtying speed mods don’t work in Hardcore mode is because there’s an additional file that overwrites the stuff in rpg_param.xml: namely “perk_rpg_param_override.xml”.

So, if you want it to work in Hardcore mode, you also have to change the parameters in the above mentioned file.


Yeah the modder found this out by luck. The mod now works with hardcore :smiley:

Now, let’s hope it quickly gets updapted to 1.8 :slight_smile: