Modding Encounters or other military mods

I’m hoping to get a new computer soon so the prospect of retrying this amazing game on a nonpotato seems good. I’ve played through the game before, but I think one thing that I wanted more of was battle against Cumans. I have seen random encounter mods and have used them, but could never figure out how to mod the encounters myself, specifically to increase the numbers of cumans running around.

Does anyone here know how to mod the random encounters, or know of a guide on how to do it myself?

I guess a better question is, is there a place where ppl can discuss modding?

Yeah, people don’t really like to help on this forum for some reason. Tried getting into modding for this great game but there is very little support. Try WH official discord and game of thrones mod for kcd discord. I didn’t get any help from discord either but you might as well try it.

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