Modding Gamepass version of KCD?

Hey all! So xgp -PC- recently just released KCD on the platform and I have to say, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME! I feel this will be one of my favorite, if not the number 1, RPG game that I have ever played. That being said I am about 15hrs in and have not really touched the main quest yet. I am having a blast. With that info in mind I was wanting to mod the game to just see what is out there and echance or have fun with the game through mods. I see that there is a nexus mod manager but I cant find out a way on how to mod this game through gamepass? Is there something I am missing or does modding through xgp not exist at this moment? If it does, how do i go about modding it?

Thanks for much for the response and help! Much love!

Did you try creating a mods folder and manually adding the mods? The mod manager doesn’t work for a lot of people, regardless of version.

That’s a good idea! How would I do that? Where would I put the Mod folder in the files? That’s a great idea that’s i didn’t think of!

First you would have to take ownership of the game in the windows app folder.
I highly doubt you can modify any file in this folder but it does not hurt to try.I do have Xbox game pass and if I activate it in the next couple days ,I could explain how to mod the game if possible from the Windows app folder.

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It’s in the root directory of KCD. I have no idea where that would be on your system. Usually you can just create the folder. I’ve never had to take ownership of anything. Nor do you need to modify any of the files. You just unzip the mod into the mod folder generally. That said, I don’t use UWP, so perhaps that’s different.

Yes I can read you do not understand how it works.I was letting the op know how it works.Feel free to explain it to the OP all you want.Good luck.

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I found away to access the file and add different stuff to it you copy the whole folder with the game in it and you paste it somewhere else and then you can change all the files you want i’ve also had the same problem because i have the gamepass version. I then tried to add the mod in many different folders and locations but i cant seem to get anything to work because i dont know where the mods actual go everyone else that uses mods has the steam version so the folder looks different.

Hi guys! Microsoft recently enabled modding for Xbox Game Pass games on PC, which will be stored in a separate editable folder. However, the developers of each game need to enable this functionlity first. Let’s hope the people at Warhorse Studios take note and enable it!