Modding KCD - #%$! Yeah, the time has come

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Introducing Modding Tools

how timely… just as finishing FO4 mod, KCD mod support arrives

thank you WH!


@BlickMang hope it’s not too late

paying thousands for 3Ds Max is steep. wish Blender was supported by WH… oh well

I am just starting to learn unity for 2d. This is a signal. Anyways, I will watch video at home. Just happy to see this news.

I’m still working on the Attila version of Seven Kingdoms, will need to see what’s possible with the toolkit first. If the world itself can be modded (not just “viewed” and inspected, which I had the impression was the case after watching the YouTube video) maybe worth considering. I have highpoly models of 30+ houses already finished.

For some perspective, Creative Assembly released mod tools for Attila but not all of them worked, and many were buggy. I don’t mean to be a debby downer, just learned the hard way modding the Total War series that it’s important to keep expectations realistic. :slight_smile:


Create a “student” account :slight_smile: Very easy, and free.

lol student of the game or of life… hmm

@BlickMang Ha, remember that old days of modding Rome I and Medieval II ? All you had to do was change the files, now everything is hardcoded.

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FINALLY! :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:

I woke up online to discover the rapture happened. And now find myself in nirˈvänə (aka NIRVANA)! :star_struck:

THANK YOU WHS for keeping your word. For staying true to the road map you released for this brilliant title over a year to date. A feat which some 98% of AAA devs in the industry seem completely incapable of accomplishing to date—despite the fact they have superior labor and budget resources.

THANK YOU for recognizing & recommending Nexusmods as an official source of modding support for KCD. And for publicly supporting the unsung (and ever faithful) minority that has been the informal KCD modding community at Nexus.

The modding community can finally take a crack at helping WHS resolve the game breaking quest/performance bugs that has held KCD back from it’s true potential. Next to bug fixes, help supplement the WHS dev effort through community tech support. By adding content that has been missing and/or requested for the game (e.g. NPCs, wildlife critter spawns like wolves, other game native to the forests and region). Adding sandbox content side quests for NPCs to supplement the official MQ story line. Perhaps even adding new, lore accurate world mods the scale and scope of of a Beyond Skyrim Bruma. Adventuring and RPing in KCD is now only limited by one’s imagination.

I’m looking forward to modding with these new tools. It’s going to be a steeply challenging but fun and rewarding learning experience! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The campaign to recapture the hearts and mind of the PvE gaming community, and restore KCD to it’s rightful place on sites like Steam has finally begun…


Why isn’t there a Steam Workshop for the mods ?

Will xbox1 recive mod support?

Like fallout 4?

I think WH has an agreement with Nexus, might be exclusive

No, Christian said so recently on KCD Discord

Dang oh well at least there is prodder and bandit jack