Modding Lords I call unto thee! (epicgames)

Hey everyone, I’m 100% new to modding. I really want to use this mod & merge it with instant picking, trough washing deluxe, Definitive Repair Kit (replace SirBacktee’s w/ this), Better Sorted Inventory, Lockpicking Overhaul (using an xbox controller & lockpicking is @$$), and
unlimited saving. Not sure which mods conflict with each other.

Got kcd from epicgames. After reading a bunch of comments on various mod posts in Nexus, I’ve come across a couple things: notepad++, rpg_param.xml file, cmd prompt window & user.cfg file.

I’ve also seen different things regarding installing mods. Some mods seem to work through manual installation while others seem to need users to open the cmd prompt window /devfiles? Is user.cfg the same as the cmd prompt?

I also want to update some mods, is the process the same as listed here? Checked out the official modding tools and my eyes bled trying to make sense of it all.
Any all and feedback is appreciated (or some in depth guides/tutorials). Thanks for reading!

Are you asking if those mods will work together? Unlimited saving, better sorted inventory, definitive repair kit, and trough washing deluxe should all work. You may run into issues with instant picking and lockpicking overhaul, since they may edit the same files. My suggestion is to make a back up, and try installing them, if it goes wrong, just reset to the back up, and try again with some changes.