Modding Support: Any ETA on that?


Game developers rarely publish tight schedules. But sometimes there are subtle hints about vague time frame, else things which can be “read between the lines.”
So, any hints as to when the fabled modding support “DLC” might be released for KCD?


I second this wish. Would love to see an official Mod Support for this game ASAP. I think Warhorse should DEFINITELY do a sequel to this game at some point. That being said, it makes huge sense to support the modding community for this maiden attempt at what is quite a solid concept and addictive, great game. It’s not the most polished game in all areas, but that’s where modders can really shine and provide insights for features, bug clean up and improvements. I’ve always wondered why many franchises refuse to use successful mods as signifiers of directions future games should take. They’re literally living, breathing market research with metrics thanks to Nexus’ stats.

If Warhorse decide to do another - and GOD I hope they do - I’m sure it will be a much more accurate and polished game in its own right. Modding in this case just helps pool resources to make the game better, faster.


The last I heard was they’re was definitely going to be official mod support but the dev tools wouldn’t be released until after all the dlc was finished and I’m sure they have to get some sort of permission from crytek. However, the Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones mod that was already being worked on supposedly says on moddb that it is dead because the tools were never released. I don’t know if that means for good or until they are released. They had already done quite a bit of work on it as you can see from the screenshots…