Models, Textures, and Other stuff

Hello there,

I’m making a start on developing mods and have been reading through the forums and watching the videos but I cannot seem to find too much on the modeling and texture sides of things for this Game.

I have little experience with the CryEngine so am making an effort to teach it to myself.

Basically I want to work on the base Character Models and remove Henry’s grey undershirt.
I’m not interested in Making nude mods or anything but the current one that I can see on the nexus is pretty old and the textures have clipping issues and whatnot,
Like I just cannot get past the scene where you and a friend are in the Bathhouse basically sat in a Hot tub in bloody Pajamas!

So long story short.
Where would I start with something like this, I have reasonable experience with 3d modeling and texture work and such.
But This all just seems new to me.

Any help would be hugely appreciated or even point me in the right direction.

Thank you all in advance.