Modifying The Formulas For Derived Statistics

A bit towards my wits’ end here.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to increase the stat/skill caps without running into the usual problems associated with doing so. Such problems being that most of the effects from your stats and skills are based on their level relative to the max, and that some bugs and unintended results arise from raising the limits (Past a stat cap of around 43, horses just start running off constantly, which I can only guess is since morale uses courage relative to the stat max. Said issue with courage also results in NPCs being remarkably cowardly.).

I’ve come into two ideas of how to solve these. The first is to increase all the effects and actor courage values relative to the increase in stat cap. This runs into its own problems, namely that it’s an absolutely time-intensive endeavour and there are numerous parameters missing from rpg_params.xml (There is a version on nexusmods which has been expanded to include many more of them based on the .dll, which does help alleviate this problem.).

Then there’s the second idea, which is the one I’ve been trying to figure out. Modifying the formula used for derived/relative stats. As an example, RelativeCharisma is determined through the formula of Charisma / StatCap. If that could be changed to be Charisma / 20 rather than using StatCap, then the stat cap could be modified without it having an effect on relative charisma. There is a side issue when it comes to some of the scripts, using Horsetraders.lua as an example, but that’s a lot better to deal with than the entirety of soul.xml, especially whenever the game gets updated.
The main problem with this idea is the one I’ve run into after hours of looking into it, and want help if anyone can provide it.

I have no idea where in the game files these formulas are actually located. If anyone knows where in the files they’re located and/or how to go about actually changing them, please help me figure this out.

Thank you.

Have you figured this out? I’d very much like to have things like “Value per Pound of Weight” to max my loot profits, and to be able to see all three kinds of damage on weapons or noise, visibility, conspicuousness, and charisma on clothes.