Mods are not working


Hi all,
I have tried to install a few mods in Kingdome Come. None of them are working. I installed them via Vortex, i tried manual installation, i read forum posts about startupoptions in steam, i tried youtube videos… nothing helped.
I have the folder …\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods avaiable and installed the mods by hand and as mentioned with Vortex. I also added the Mods to the common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data folder and did the edit of the pak.cfg File by hand.
Are there any known issues with version 1.8.1? Did i miss any initial step for Mods to be allowed in Kingdome Come?


I hope you didn’t forget to back up your original files.


mod.manifests were created for each mod too?
And contains the manifest a kcd_version number,
I recommend to remove the line, save it and test if it helps.
Mostly the version numbers in manifest files are the problem that they do not work in the game.


So i just uninstalled the Game via Steam and did a cleanup of all folders. Then i reinstalled the game and activated all mods by hand. Now its workung just fine. So i think i will not use Vortex anymore.
Thanks for all the repys


What is that? A kind of Mod Manager?