Mods for xboxone

This games lockpocking needs to be fixed. There aren’t even any mods for Xbox one. Piece of fuck. Jesus Christ I’ve already played hours into this god forsaken slut of a game and I just can’t go on not knowing what is in all of the chests I’ve found. We have to unite and make warhorse do what they have to do to fix this filthy skank of a game.


Mods on XB will depend on Mikey Soft coming to an agreement with WHS and WHS figuring out how to implement it. right now they are quite busy with bugs and DLC and mod support isn’t scheduled until late 2019 and most likely will benefit PC the most.
Look at FO4 case. Sony said hell no.

Perhaps you should walk away and come back in a year to have a look see?
You could also look into the subject of Keyboards for XB also?

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ya shoulda got a pc if u liked mods. mods may or may not ever happen for xbone or ps. if they do it wont be for quite a very long time. also theres zero mod support form the devs which will come in a future update. modders also pretty much gave up on the game at this point. hopefully they’ll return when they release the modding dlc, which you probably wont get to experience since your on xbone. but hey ya never know , maybe when they drop that dlc it’ll make some available to the consoles. if you play skyrim, do u even remember how long skyrim was out b4 mods came to console…

pick the fuckin lock and see .

It really isn’t as easy as a KB/mouse as with a controller, even with high skill.
Especially with a worn one.( personal experience)
With master thief perk, luck of the drunk and the one that gives a 10% chance to open on a fail. it might help. The trick is getting the skill high enough to get them.

you can still save b4 every chest and practice you heart out until you pick it. i also know many regulars on here playing via console that dont have lock picking problems any more because they got much better at it. saying the game sucks because your not good yet at lock picking is childish.

@hahnhill: because of this we PC’ers are not in the best shape mod wise. Also without support things like the ashes DLC HATES all mods. the mod you might be thinking: easy lock pick is now the cause of many threads saying having problems and so can’t be used until it is fixed. Rapid patches and no mod support atm have cause many authors to walk away.

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One thing about the chests that makes no sense is the fact that when killing all the bandits or Cumans in a camp you don’t find a chest key on anyone.
It would seem that someone in the camp should have had a chest key!

Yes. it is weird. The leader should at least have a key. Mebbe the game uses this as a skill builder? :thinking::smirk:

You do realize the game was made for PC then brought to Xbox that’s why the fucking lock picking doesn’t work, no one tested it. It is next to impossible.

It is not impossible. It take plenty of failure and skill leveling to become easy. It’s hard compared to most, not nearly impossible for anyone who actually spends time on it

As for mods, Skyrim has them on Xbox and they work like a dream…so maybe a system like however that is set up

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Zombie thread!
WHS would hfta get the okie dokie from Micro shaft first to even see how that would work. Then you can have all the fun of mods messing up the game due to not being updated to the latest patch!
Micro shaft has announced that they will have keyboard and mouse support for the box.
When that is implemented then you could do it the PC way.

i hear ya. have PS4 mods with FO4. beautiful thing!

not to be cynical but heard WH say no to implementing weapons crafting and console mods

Okay, lock picking on a controller is really not that difficult past the first 10 times. Especially if you just reset the lock until the sweet spot is toward the middle. -Source 18 Lockpicking XB1.

I’m a bit late to this but you know there is a simplified option in the settings so you don’t have to use both joysticks right?