Mods on Console


Will it be possible to install mods on consoles like Xbox or Playstation like in Fallout 4 or the Skyrim Remaster?

Greatings DreissigerZone


I don’t know if KCD can do it, but since skyrim can do it, probably…


PC mods - Confirmed
Console mods - Unconfirmed, however they said it may be a possibility. Do not count on it though.


I also agree. I am a longtime Simer and Modding is an important to me. The Sims has a big Modding Community. Problem is that I prefer to play on console and a long time have to dispense to play Dragon Age Origins without mods.
Meanwhile I cannot imagine to play AOE2 without the great mods from Steam Workshop. Fallout 4 was an interesting experience to play a game on console with mods and I miss it always in other games on PS4.
Please, do it for Kingdom come, too.


Considering they’re just ways for Sony and Microsoft to milk people’s money, i highly doubt they will be included.


if Skyrim: Special Edition can do this, this game should be able to do this also somehow.


We have to talk to Sony and Microsoft about this. We can´t bring Mods to their consoles without their consent.
We don´t have any details about modding yet. It will be possible at some time after release.


Alright and do the best that you can with Sony and Microsoft kindly please!


Hi, any update about this? :slight_smile:


let’s hope they fix the many bugs and crashes on console first


Bug fixing is standard thing for me, this is key feature for console.


Bring mods to COnsole, I would love a Vampire mod… Hide in the shadows and fly in the darkness from the woods in the still of night and swoop down into a torch lit part of a town and bite a unexpected victim… Also, The vampire should be able to fly, Increased Jumping height, Enhanced speed and Strength! Daylight kills you! So you will need to clear out caves around the map to have somewhere to sleep during the day … Wishful thinking…But it would be awesome!


As Andrewcx and other modders have shown with Fallout 4 and PS4, great mods can be created for consoles even if Sony doesn’t allow external assets to be added to PS4 mods.


I have it on PS4Pro, But I would rebuy it for Xbox One just to have access to the better mods… Matter of fact, I would purchase the Xbox One X just for that game.


Can you add Potion Cheats like
Increase Jumping Height
God mode
Fast Running


Maybe if Microsoft says no maybe you could convince them by saying the community will definitely put money into buying mods if that is possible.