Mods Updated/Tested for version 1.8.1


Can we please start a list of mods compatible with Version 1.8.1? One of the mods I used prevented me from getting on any horses. It was one of the mods someone made that bundled various other mods.



To have an idea, you can use this link and look at all the mods updated after feb. 5th:


I put together two of those kinda mods bundled with 10+ mods which are updated and listed in serk post.


Thank you!


Thats a good way to find up to date mods, but there are mods which don’t need an update too.
I checked and tested my mods today and two of them didn’t need an update. I did update the third now, so all of them can be used with 1.8.1:

Stay Clean Longer - Get Dirty Gradually
Pots Are Not Enough
German Inventory Sorter (Deutsche Inventarsortierung)


When was 1.8.1 released? I bought KCD from GOG and dont see any update, still on 1.7.x here. I own all DLC except Hans Capon.


I just bought Hans Capon and Band Of Bastards DLC, after checking my account downloads page for patches I saw the 1.8.1 updates and my new content. I have yet to test for compatibilty issues with my mods, I have a few but nothing that majorly alters game mechanics. I’ll report back later on which ones are/arent working.


Mods I have tested on 1.8.1, all are working 100%:
Skip intro video (not really a mod, more of an annoyance than anything else)
Bushes only collision remover
Sectorial lockpicking
Ultimate saving
Unlimited weight Capacity (because I hate being over-encumbered and having to constant ditch my loot or drop it off at an inn, etc)
No fog of war on map (can see all of the map and can fast travel anywhere if I want to)
Richer Merchants 5K (because the millers are constantly running out of Groshen when I want to sell my hot loot, I steal much more than they can handle)
Volumetric fog enabler


Thanks Anon. Keep up the great work. Pls post others.

I’ll add to the list:
Colored Arrow Feathers
No Arrow Trails
Exact Money separator (perfect for seeing how much exactly you have in the inventory)


I have 20+ mods that still work but my favorite today is glow in the dark arrows

ETSGF - Easy To See Glowing (Arrow) Feathers


Ultimate Realism Overhaul isn’t working, it crashes my game when I try to access the map/inventory. For now I’ve removed it, but I’m going to do some deeper investigation to see if I can get it fully working.


If you are mod-savvy, the offending file that is causing the inventory crash is the soul_archetype.xml in Mods\UltimateRealismOverhaul\Data\zzz_URO_CORE+COMBAT.pak\Libs\Tables\item\

You can either grab and modify a version of the soul_archtype.xml from your data folder, or simply delete the xml entirely and you should be able to use URO without it crashing. I’m sure there are other things that need changed/updated as well, but that will at least give you a place to start.


Looks like BCAIC is up to date again for those of you who find the vanilla too easy. I personally only use the combat mod, but it makes fighting people a lot spicier if you find waiting for a shield icon to be kind of dull.