Mods we need

Here is a quick list of mods I would like to see ow that modding tools have been released:

Performance fixes. Since the last couple of updates i cannot play the game due to constant crashes and the game going into load screens at rondom intervals. no matter how many times i validate my files or do a clean reinstall i get the same problems, i tried deleting old playthroughs which had the unlimited save mod but they just reapeared in my save list. also pop ins are bad for me lately but never had them before.

more items. weapons, armour, food, everything. not just individual mods but big collections

adding content to some unfinished or broken quests like the kings silver

linking band of basterds to ruin

no dogs

better hunting with wayyyyy more to it

complete combat re works (lets not have the rebalance argument again)


the ability to become a farmer/weapons dealer, anythng that will give you some purpose outside questing, even becoming a priest

more life to the map. carts, riders, wildlife, wind, pedestrians, wandering bandits, cuman raiding parties etc.

events like races, wrestling, fairs etc

better stealthing

tell me your ideas

Tweaking the game itself (and not breaking/corrupting it) is beyond my ken.

If tweaking the game were practical, I’d make roaming bands of Cumans/bandits that scale to Henry. They attack settlements. Henry has to react (trigger quest to battle and/or resupply). And, I’d make Pribyslavitz more livable (laundry/sewing enabled, tavern life/activities… drinking, games, etc) and impactful (build defense, defend, initiate patrols, attack, train guards, procure weapons, lose battle-resupply to repair, etc)

If we could sandbox this game space, I’d make it somewhat like Fallout 4 - Sim Settlements Conqueror. Different factions possess different settlements (you assign a faction to each — bandits get Vranik and Talmberg, Cumans get Neuhof, etc). You build up your faction (provide supplies to advance store X, farm Y, smithy Z, etc) and survive the day. Conquer/kill as needed. My sense is the Seven Kingdoms has elements of this

A more practical goal… I want to borrow existing assets, create some of my own, put them in sandbox spaces for configured conflicts. Others could use the mod(s) to trigger cutscenes that would consist of the aforementioned


Why no dogs? Dogs are nice, authentic and atmospheric.

I would say:

  • No HUD or options to customize HUD.
  • Beta forest
  • Autumn beta forest as an alternate version
  • Mouse cursor control in dialogs
  • Children
  • Crossbows

3rd person view camera

Become King of Bohemia
Build your own castle etc.

And Prisblywitz improvements

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And be able to drink + eat in taverns like npcs


Unlimited saves is all I need. May try some other mods after finishing the game.


I hope for some redoing of armors size (Pauldron mostly) and bascinet shape.

Not sure if the tools will allow for it, but adding many more NPC’s in the game world would be great, including more NPC’s travelling on horse or with a cart.

Right now, most town are underpopulated IMO. Seems Skalizt and Rattay have more guards than citizens. Rattay town square feel’s way too quiet. I guess adding more NPC and their routine will be taxing CPU? Especially when sleeping/skipping time?

Also, creating and adding models for children is really needed :slight_smile:

Edit: Also making sure important NPC (and all others, if needed) react to rainy weather. I’m not fond of Theresa sitting on her bench or Peshek working outside under a rainstorm.


Would be fun to kill Cuman children lmao

Joking aside I really like the idea of adding more NPCs to towns, youre right, towns do feel a bit empty. Rattay does at least.

This!!! worked in alpha and in beta so why not in full release cant be so experimental after 4years

It works in full release.


Definetely magic!

And I hear butthurt already, but I don’t mean Hogwart, Merlin or D&D. I would like to say “witchcraft”, but English unfortunately is lacking in terms of “magic of commoners” (let’s call it that). What I mean is maybe some new potions, few quests, some charms, increasing stealth or luck, conjuring faraway sounds, hexing people or causing confusion to animals. Maybe treachery/aggresive “witchcraft” based on active abilities and requisities on one hand and a passiive, small, small chance for healing or luck if piety is high enough - miracles - on the other?


Why people always think killing children has something to do with “fun”?
Is it fun for you to kill a rabbit in a game? For me it is not.

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Did you miss the part where I said “joking aside”

Also who the fuck are you to judge what other people think is fun or not? Worry about yourself and stop trying to control what others enjoy.
By the way, I agree, I think killing children is abhorrent.

@Vasemir I like this idea.

try e_svoTI_Integrationmode 3 command its not in game mate

First pics are without that command and second pics are with that command

Need an option to mark items in your inventory and change their names.
It’s way to easy to get pulled off the horse even with horsemanship at highest level and all that.

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I don’t know what commands are there. But I know that SVOTI is definitely in the game.
Do you even know what SVOTI is?
If you do, you should be able to see, that it is in the game.

The difference in your screenshots is quite small, that is because it is not SVOTI turned off and on, but different integration modes of SVOTI.

well certainly aint the max quality I know svoti is in game another good example how metal should look like

first one again without that command its small changes what makes game look good

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