Monastery Framerate

Hey all, just wanted to start off by saying that I love the game, and haven’t had many technical issues until now; but I decided to register on this forum because I couldn’t find anyone else having the same issue as me. I’m at about 100 hours played, have done pretty much all of the side content and DLC and am finally doing the main story missions. I just got up to the part where Henry joins the monastery and is about to be given a tour, but the game is basically unplayable now. The game is running at anywhere between 15 fps to single digits. The entire game up until this point, I was playing mostly at a solid 60fps, with rare drops down to 50, and that was inculding anything outdoors and the big battle at Pribyslavitz. So I don’t understand why now, being indoors with no enemies and few NPCs, the game’s framerate decided to take a nosedive. What’s weird is that I had already explored the monastery before this mission, for a side quest and just for giggles; so my framerate issue is tied specifically to this quest.

I have fps drops just around the monastery garden where monks work, otherwise it’s ok everywhere. It must be caused by some of the latest patches, I did monastery mission before long time on some older patch version and it was ok.

That’s just it, I didn’t have any issues until I started the monastery quest. In fact, right before starting the monastery quest, I did the Johanka half of A Woman’s Lot, which had me in and around the monastery area, and I didn’t experience any frame drops. It all started literally as soon as I was about to be given a tour of the monastery. I’m not usually one to complain about 60fps vs 30fps, but like I said before, this wavers between single digits up to a max of like 15fps, which is basically unplayable.

That’s strange, I have there minimum around 20 fps at least. What’s your graphics setting? Try to reduce shaders and shadows, these have the biggest impact on performance. Also disable Vsync.
But hopefully devs will repair it in next update.

I have the exact same problem. Had no problems with the game so far, but this framrate drop makes this mission quite annoying. While I think it is supposed to be a lot of fun…