Monastery now

Why do I have to wait to join? My parents were killed. My father denounced violence. The scribe who taught me how to read said I was ready. I am having a crisis in faith. Why can’t I ask Sir Dad for a letter. Waiting until you need to kill someone to join the church is a little hypocritical. This was a cataclysmic event not another weekend in Chicago. Maybe I want to join the Hussites, or follow Jon hues. I want to join a crusade!

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THIS!!! Good idea! Would be a nice option. :slight_smile:

To be fair all churches are corrupt so not surprising.

Yes, asking bio-dad for a letter should be an option, IFF the player thinks of this.

Sir Radzig explains Henry, that he is in controversy with the monastary, so a letter from him doesn´t helps…

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