Monastery Performance spike (PS4)

Basically at 300 hours I’ve seen a lot of content - performance has never been a major issue I’d argue. Lod’s in Sassau and Rattay are one thing but performance has averaged out well even during big events.

Now I’ve just reached the monastery quest and at least one third to one fourth of the monastery is ostensibly - broken - in regards to playability, it seems less like a performance issue and more like a severe bug somewhere. If I were to guess the framerate can tank to around 5fps give or take. the thing is I can find the exact viewing angles and thresholds to step between that basically cause the fps to immediately spike between presumably 30fps and what feels like 5+/-. It’s really something else, I like this questline…it’s a shame, it really seems like a highlight but it feels like the game is crashing, it doesn’t seem to be a CPU/AI problem in that I can move around the one area only slightly to change the framerate drastically but not enough that anything should decrease render load and the like, it’s a difference of feet.

Just decided to post for visibility, I saw a similar post lower down as well. Maybe this is redundant but I wanted to compound notice of the problem.