Monastery , says i have weapon but i have none

i have tried 5 play troughs but every time i become a monk before i can even get out of the first room im accused of having a weapon. i have nothing since you have to but everything in the chest. not even a lockpick. ive done everything i can think of to fix it. it may be perk or quest item related. ive been waiting a year for this fix and ive still got no help.

Have you tried an old save game or a complete new game?
Did u use mods?

Do you have torch pulled out?

Put all your weapons away before becoming monk.

i obviously did. you have to put away everything. i have nothing but robe and slippers. No torch, no mods, tried on various versions of the game and even re downloaded. verified files multiple times

I’m talking about manually putting your weapons to chest, because it did not take away my halberd when I first went there