More content please!

Please Warhorse make more content! More!

For example a rogue storyline that gets more involved in the guilds and new rogue items like hoods that actually cover your head and high stakes underground dice games. Or mounted combat expanded with lances and jousting tournaments + roaming mounted NPC’s and marauding Cumans on horseback.

Doubt we’ll see more WH content (hope I’m wrong), but mod support… that’ll generate considerable amounts of content if the framework is good and enough peeps are left


Anything new about mod support?
New content like crossbows, cats, bears, children and teens would be great!

mod support will be our saviour

It will arrive after 3 and more months since now.

This game is so badass, I prey for new content.

God wills it!

on the subject of content…is it just me …I am loving these vendor women LOL " Unyuns that make ya man cry like a little lass "
" Goodpeeple! Come on up an have a smell…fresh bread." For some reason they crack me up. I do wish I have give money to the poor, and pray in the church for immersion reasons. Same with church services on sundays, that’s in reality when thieves broke into houses. More crooks in the pillory!!

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I can’t wait for mod support. I’d like to see some good ideas poured into the process, especially focused on immersion and some NPC stories tied to their mundane problems.

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Hello, I went through this game two months ago. I was thrilled

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Yes indeed more please.

I am all for crosbows, and mounted combat. Also new quests, children, more animals, but mostli the mounted combat and more quests.

You probably do not follow news. They are not releasing new content for KCD anymore.

I would like to see some kind of calendar in game, and seasons. So you know how long Henry has been running around since skalitze burned. Lord Capon asks Henry how long have we known each other…a few weeks? Its more like a year at least counting how many rattay touneys passed.

You can find how many in game days passed in the caracter stats menu. « A few weeks » seems right to me: a month or 2 or maybe a full summer if you really take your time.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. all I ever noticed were the clock cycles. The weird thing is, March 23 is day one of the game, and yea on my third playthrough, trying to do all side quests before Vranik ( probably misspelled that)…which is the,… “point of no return” … for some questlines. Even rebuilt a City, but…on the other hand Lord Capon does drink a lot and probably loses track of time during his 4 day benders lol.
Hard to think Henry went from Welp to Samurai/ Ninja in just a few weeks.

Yeah, events in game actually happened in Spring and followed by other events in Summer. The game is supposed to be situated around warm summer time, so they don’t put much emphasis on the time itself. There’s also no digital clock, only sun/day cycle though you can distinguish what hour it is. Yeah, surely you can see how many days you spent as player in the game stats which is kind of hidden in not so popular tab.
Fyi, there would be snow in winter, so there’s not one year, even if you would actually spend that in game time. The game is just not ready for players who would play sandbox long enough.

@savvym Would be nice once modding support arrives if sandboxing (eg cutscene fights like bastards final battle) and seasons can be modded (eg a Metro-like winter mod for FO4… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do something with all the hides/pelts)

Anything that adds another layer of immersion or story would be welcome.

More immersion would be added with an option to disable/customize HUD and a VR mode.