More Immersive

You know, i’ve played RPG games for a while now & one thing that bugs me about them is lack of life in the villages or cities. I’d like to see more of the NPCs having conversations with each other, more of them buying & selling at the shops, maybe every now & again a couple of drunks having a fight or being thrown out of the Inn. How about also NPCs being arrested by the guards? Villagers rounding up & shepherding livestock. When Skyrim came out & I played for the first time I was disappointed at the lack of life the NPCs had & I thought surely we’ve advanced enough to create more LIFE in these worlds. I do LOVE Kingdom Come, it is a great game, but this is just my suggestion. Oh yeah, I keep hearing dogs barking when i’m in the middle of nowhere, but you will never find those dogs. Maybe when dogs are barking it should mean there’s someone near by with a dog?



Yeah, of course if would add immersion, I would really like to see more lively worlds in future RPGs, but I guess it is pretty hard and expensive to do. I mean, you have to give a certain routine to EVERYONE. And not just that, you also have to make sure it is not too repetitive, or you get a scenario like in DOS 2, with people going mad about the constant repetition of lines by traders in the city square :smiley:

Great ideas. You get some of that in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire. As was mentioned the programming and time to create unique NPC personas would be overwhelming and would make game release much longer for very little trade-off other than “eye candy”.

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Yeah mate, that’s another thing that bugged me about Skyrim was the repetitive dialogue. I understand adding my suggestions would be a huge task, but I hope sometime soon i the future, the livelyness I seek will come to fruition.

I understand, I know there’s already been a lot of time put into the game & I appreciate all that you can do in the game. I’m the kind of player that does all the side quests, hoards his gold & trains his sword arm to a masterful level before i’ve done any of the main quest because I just wanna be a rich deadly tank & while i’m doing all of those side quests & all the boring stuff would be less tedious with some fun interactions with the NPCs.

True words freind hope the devs make this wish true cause I would love to see half the stuff u mentioned especially drunks fighting…

Speaking off which when is the second coming to xbox1 I got so excited to her that game mentioned u gotta inform me my friend love the first one I did a bersikir playthrough first Barbadian dwarf and second Druid dwarf bear shape shift!!! U know bersikir take on the form off a bear old norse legend which is why I call barbarin and Druid bear shift my berserkir

But anyway what’s the date it’s coming to xb1?!!

According to their official website the game will be available on Xbox and other consoles in 2019… Which translates to sometime after September to get into the Christmas buying season.

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More immersion is done by less HUD.

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Yeah, one of the must-have mods (for me, personal opinion).

The HUD is pretty good in KCD, no problems there.

Here’s another thought. the Tourney should have more spectators & they should either be cheering or booing, they’re too few & too quiet. The tourney should be packed with observers. That actually is the reason I even made this topic.


No problems there? To have no option to disable HUD or to choose what you want to have is a very BIG problem!

Perhaps this is a good topic to add my own peeves with regards to immersion…

  • Props in the game are too static. Sacks of flour at the miller for instance, the miller is always carrying them around but there’s always the same few sacks standing in the same place! Same for plates and food on tables etc… These items should be more randomized to give the world a more living feel.
  • Herbs are too heavy! Collecting a few herbs shouldn’t make you overloaded so quickly.
  • Herbs are too valuable! There’s nettles, sage, etc growing all around and Henry can make a pretty decent living just picking herbs and selling them on the market.
    That’s just not realistic, especially when there are so many beggars on the streets and people living in tent-camps… Who could do just the same as you do! And earn a living! Just picking the flowers and the weeds and selling them to traders!
    Hell there’s a trader in Rattay, there’s nettles growing right next to his stall! I can go to his stall, pick those nettles, and sell that to him! He could have picked those nettles himself!

Oh well, rant over! :smiley:


Perhaps you didn’t realize that the herbs and flowers that Henry picks are extra special……… It was a fair and good rant. Cheers!

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Thank you so excited for that to release