Most Anticipated Games of 2017


My most anticipated games of 2017:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Will play on PC
Red Dead Redemption 2 - On PS4
Mass Effect Andromeda - On PC
Horizon Zero Dawn - On PS4 obviously :slight_smile:
Outlast 2 - On PC
Detroit Become Human - On PS4
Resident Evil 7 - On PC


Detroit is exclusive too, Then on PS4 obviously too.


Hi, do you truly believe that this game will be any good, or do you just hope it will be better than it seems (like me?)
I mean, I really loved gothics, I kinda liked Risen 1, but every next game from this studio was worse than the previous one, and Elex on gameplay videos so far seemed… well… bad. I just wish we could get another Gothic2 masterpiece :frowning:


Red Dead 3, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nioh.


But… what about 2? :smile:

Let’s wait and see shall we :wink: But yes you’re probably right. It was still in early development last year. Anywho


First was Red Dead Revolver, second - Red Dead Redemption, so this part is third in the Red Dead series.


I hope it will be good game, Risen 3 was betteh than Risen 2 but worse than Risen 1. I hope Piranha bytes are going to realse at least worthy game. Hope it will be as Gothic 1 and Gothic 2. However, i know the thing which i never return. Music by Kai Rosenkranz. Gothic 3 has one of my favourite soundtracks and i can forgive all because of “Vista Point”(it’s only one of many great tracks). It was masterpiece, thanks Kai :slight_smile: I believe, Piranha can do cool game.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - PC
Horizon Dawn - PS4
Days Gone - PS4
Detroit Become Human - PS4


I can’t wait to try Overkill’s The Walking Dead and State of Decay 2. It seems, there will be a lot of new anticipated games released in 2017. Until then I mostly play at . However, I hope to try something new soon.


The last of us 2… that’s just epic!!! and also Vampyr should be amazing! doctor put me on seroquel for anti depression, but I guess I know what would be my anti depression now.


Cyberpunk 2077, Vampyr and Shenmue 3, for me.


I think we’re definitely all being pretty optimistic with CP2077 for a 2017 release, but a little optimism never hurt anybody… I’m really fkn eager for CDPR to reveal more though. We’ve been waiting what feels like an age to hear more about the project. So hopefully we see them at E3 and they surprise the shit out of us :smile:

Vampyr is looking better the more I see of it. Shaping up to be a great game, and hopefully it delivers on all that promise.


@Earl_Thorn Cyberpunk 2077 Will be released next year​, but in this days I need some optimism. :slight_smile:


Cyberpunk 2077 received grant from polish government on development, and conditions for this grant were that game must be released in 2019 or earlier. Knowing CD project… The game will release 31.12. 2019, but its gonna be blast :smiley:


CDPR has a audience, that will buy and praise anything, even if it is a complete crap. So, yes:[quote=“Tsunamik, post:34, topic:30740”]
its gonna be blast


Man, that’s a pretty ignorant view… even for a troll.

I mean, we’re not talking about EA or Ubisoft here. We’re talking about what was a small studio, that achieved massive global success through solid game developments over a period of say 10 years. Love or hate The Witcher series holistically, they’ve been instrumental in establishing what is in many peoples minds a new benchmark for quest development and progression (side quests to be specific). If future RPG’s do side quests half as good as what CDPR did with TW3, then already that’s a win for everybody who enjoys the RPG or action RPG genre.


Their business practices are second to none. If you earn so much trust and praise, of course people will buy anything you make. That only lasts so long as you maintain that level of quality, so there’s no problem.


Well said man. Exactly right


Are you serious?


Are you troll?