Most Anticipated Games of 2017


Hey guys,

With every new year, comes new game hype & anticipation… so I thought it’d be cool to start talking about what titles we’re all most looking forward to getting our hands on this year.

KCD goes without saying for pretty much all of us. So let’s just focus on other games that are tentatively scheduled for release anytime in 2017.

I’ll start us off in no particular order:

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • CyberPunk 2077 (Optimistically putting this up here…)
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • The Last of Us 2
  • Days Gone
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Shenmue 3
  • Vampyr

That’s about all that immediately come to mind for me. It’s obviously very early days, and no doubt our gaming radars will pickup lots more throughout the year. But I wanted to at least kick-start the discussions.

Anyways, let me know your top picks below



My most expected games would be Numenera: Tides of torment and Divinity Original Sin 2… can´t wait for these 2 :slight_smile:


An isometric RPG fan I see :smile:

I’ve always preferred a closer perspective I think personally.

The first Divinity got some really good wraps though and Numenera looks quite different and interesting if that’s your thing.


yeah, these games are just ticking most of my boxes :slight_smile: I am also extremely hyped for cyberpunk (we know nothing, but hey, its from CDP, it must be good huh? :smiley: ) and I am cautiously expecting ME: Andromeda (ME2 is my most replayed game ever - finished it 6 times), but ME3 was so mediocre that its hard to have big expectations. And DAI somehow didn´t resonate with me either, so my trust in BioWare is quite diminished. But hey, we can hope they learned from their mistakes :slight_smile:


Mount and blade 2
Red Dead redemption 2

I Like only medieval games and don’t bother to play shooting or cosmic/space games. Currently playing Oldschool Runescape


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Haha man, I was thinking the same thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Tsunamik CDPR have been soOoo quiet on CyberPunk. I mean, when did they first tease / announce, it was back in 2013 wasn’t it? So it’s clearly very ambitious in size, scope and what they’re trying to achieve. I’d wager that unless we see something at either E3 or Gamescom this year, then we’re probably going to be waiting till 2018 *sigh.

I’ve got a lot of faith in them though. Definitely right up there with WH in terms of my favourite studio. Fingers crossed hey…


I might check out M&B II, but it will probably just be exactly the same as the first one, where the AI cheats, or is incredibly bad, and the reason you stopped playing in the first place will probably apply here. Maybe if the story is interesting like they did with the Viking DLC, it would be better.

For Honor looks okay too. I will at least give the story mode a chance. I can’t say I’m all that enthusiastic about multiplayer which is often very latency dependent in a game like this.


kingdomcome, mount&blade 2 and crusader kings 2’s new dlcs. I love medieval games


In my opinion there is absolutely no chance that CP2077 will be ready in 2017. And only like 10% chance that it will be ready in 2018. I think that CDP stated that it will be released anywhere between 2017-2021, and I don´t think that 2021 is exagerration, so we will have to deal with that :frowning:


Ouch if this is true… :disappointed:


I think 2021 is more realistic than 2018. especially since CDPR just got the grants from poland in 2016. They are probebly stil working hard on CyberPunk 2077. i think we will not even hear anithing about CP2077 in this year :frowning:


One more:
Detroit become human

Looks great (but I have no PS4) :smile:

  1. “X4” (by Egosoft, no official name yet, so far only "X4)
  2. X Rebirth VR (again, Egosoft, BTW Deep Silver too…)
  3. Raft (Try to google “Raft game”)
  4. The Guild 4 (hopefully!)
    4.5) Perhaps announcement of Crusader Kings 3? Please please…
    4.6) Please, Bohemia Interactive, leave Arma3 and move to a new engine, that will be possible to optimize better than current one… :confused:
    4.7. Still waiting for my dream-perfect-allround strategy game where you build up from a scratch to the stars. CKII got very close to it, but still missing Total War style battles there! Also Total War is missing CKII’s strategical potential (last good TW was Medieval2 imo). I am very demanding RTS player… :smiley:


Yea, this one does have me intrigued as well… tentatively keeping my eyes on it.

Anyone else think we might get an Assassins Creed game this year as well? There was talk last year about an Egyptian themed piece of IP coming out of Ubi, which was theorized as being an AC game… Given their last run of consecutive failures imo, I’d really like to see a big change in the series considering how much potential it has or at least had. Feudal Japan AC anddd I’m done.

Man, this would be amazing! But like you said in point 4.7, totally agree… they could learn a lot from each respective franchise. And a fusion style game would be epic.


Yup, and perhaps Stellaris was a first step to something like this. Finally Paradoxian strategy where are battles. Or at least feeling of it…


I never got around to playing Stellaris. Had it on my watch-list for months… What did you think of it overall?


It’s brilliant! It is kinda story driven again, you have events that occur in a window that informs you of them. In 99% there is impact of event on your empire. Core of the game (at least for me) is economy, research, colonization and military aspect. Events in Stellaris can have massive impact. Combat is still very about numbers that pop up, but you can design your ships, therefore you can edit their attributes. Classy “rock-paper-scissors” game is goin on when you are designing your ships. Projectile weapons do more damage to shields, lasers do more damage to armor, torpedoes have no greater damage, but they have considerably bigger range, all od this must be somehow powered, so you have to sacrifice some utility slots for generators, so it seems to be better to use armor, instead of shields, right? Nope, armor slow you down and on corvettes it is simply not desired feature. Corvettes are fast, so they can kill larger ships by avoiding their fire, if enemy ships has slowly tracking turrets, but it can lead to “one shot, one kill situation” etc, etc… This leads to old motto "know your enemy and kill him."
Another thingy is hyperdrive that your empire uses, or is allowed in the campaign. There are three different types, that go from the easiest to the hardest to play. Playing on hardest is kinda extreme, but it can be fun.
Also end game crisis and leviathans give you more challenges even in later game.
Stellaris is overall faster paced game, then CKII or HoI4, but if Paradox will release patches, and keep it updated, it will be a good game for long time. I have played one game of CKII for maybe a year or even longer, spending with one ironman campaign more than 100 hours. Currently, Stellaris has much shorter campaigns and somewhat limited map (never conquered whole map in CKII, in Stellaris I did it).

Wow, thats kinda wall of text… :open_mouth:
Edit: and i still have things to say! :smiley:


Escape from Tarkov hooked me


My list (without order):

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Detroit: Become Human
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Days Gone

It’s so sad that i can’t play PS 4 Exclusives because i have no PS 4. But i really want to know more about these games. And The Last of Us Part 2 won’t release in 2017, at best in 2018.