►Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


Nice battle.


Wish they would add decapitation. I thought the one Mountain bandit lost his head, but no. It was his shield.

And that sword he crafted…that’s, uh…not really going to be that useful. Kinda unwieldy looking.

On that same note, does that mean bastard swords are not invented by that time? I only saw being able to construct one and two handed blades.


Yeah, typical developer game testing loadout really wasn’t it- not only does he craft the longest, most unwieldy one hander he can, he takes no shield…or helmet. And got his archers massacred in melee in both battles (when fighting as Southern Empire and as Battanians). I suppose wanting to be flashy (the big strange sword and no helmet) and concentrating on showing people things with the camera and illustrating AI responses to unit positioning (the occasionally poor player tactics) explain this.


a new video on the game (by me) covering the latest gameplay


not impressed to be honest. it looks almost exactly like warband with slightly better graphics. the character rigging is still atrociously cartoony, the animations are also the same stiff mechanical looking things from warband. and of course the combat i’m afraid simply will not cut it anymore in 2016. they made zero advancements on that front.

to be honest it looks like an expansion or a mod of warband. pretty disappointing.


tbh the og m & B came it in what? 2008 and it looked like shit for then. but is still pretty god damn fun.
I think theyve improved it enough for me to buy it. but i defo get your expansion view. it is the same game, better graphics slightly smoother and advanced combat, more detailed towns and different time period


I still plan on getting it because Warband was awesome, but the combat looks really laughable.

The animations from what very little combat footage I have seen looked like slightly polished ones from warband.


yeah i think it’s endemic to that style of combat mechanic. even other efforts with more advanced technical foundations such as melee battlegrounds, chivalry, and war of the roses, all had that wide swing from a near horizontal plane thing going on. it looks silly, especially when coupled with the mouse pirouetting people like to do.


After all, what to experience at Gamescom who will, Banner Lord some have more to offer than the recently shown. Even the Dev Blogs have shown more. The sparse information policy of Taleworld for us waiting naturally ugly, from developer perspective but probably necessary because currently some potter to similar games and you want them to present any ideas, but to be the first. Considering how quiet the first M & B crept around the corner and a complete genre has created, on the now many I would around chug along like wait even further when with Banner Lord again so comes a “Great Game”. Taleworld has also opened deep for modders scene and will probably also maintained because from that direction came a lot of input for the development. So Wait …

(sorry my english)



Will this game ever released!? oO ^^
How many years have they already shown… :sob:


We believe, hope and wait. :slight_smile:


For me it is like an S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod! oh no no wait… more like an half-life 2 beta mod :smile:
sorry, but i still love the game too :wink:


I like that your companions can now control their own troops instead of just being all you. Still needs infantry having the command to form shieldwall/spearwall to counter against horses and other infantry.


And still no release date. It was teased in 2012…


Not really impressed. The new features seem nice don’t get me wrong, but im already burned out on war band, and i’m not really seeing anything that will regain my interest for more than 30 or so hours. Bigger battles and siege mechanics aren’t enough to carry it imo, at this rate it looks like a reskined warband.


exactly. it looks the exact same as warband from a decade ago. and frankly after seeing kingdom come’s trailers and knowing what it’ll look like and experiencing its engine first hand, how can i go back to mount and blade? the animation and character models just look so inferior. even compared to regular modern games, not just kingdom come.


I wish it was more. it looks like the sequel to warband we should have gotten years ago. With the wait, i expected more of an evolution.


Maybe if you played KCD more than 10 times and you want only see a big battle :wink:
That’s the only reason why i ever played M&B.
Of course, only with the Tweak Tool! Without it the size of armies are so ridiculous.
I remember an article in pcgames where they said that Mount & Blade (first released title)
had an low budget, no or not good publisher. And after Warband and Fire & Sword i never believed that they will ever change something. The developer can be lucky that they got enough money for an newer engine. :smile:


kingdom come’s going to have sizeable battles, so again, no point in mount and blade.