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I’m just posting this because i recall someone suggesting I do this as a game talk series on the forums.

so here it is…possibly

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It’s one of the games I’m looking forward to because I wasted so much time in Mount & Blade Warband. All other DLC or following stand-alone titles didn’t give me the same feeling like M&B WB. E.g. Vikings takes a lot of time to load, which pretty much is a no-go. With Fire and Sword seemed to be a really unbalanced at the beginning, although I liked the feature to upgrade each type of units individually.

I’m actually dissatisfied with the current news feed. Not much happens in the development progress that gives the audience a clue as to when the game will be released, what needs to be done and what could be worth showing as a finished feature. Only screenshots can’t satisfy everyone for a long period of time.


I’m surprised there isn’t more talk here considering the game probably appeals to a lot of the same people as Kingdom Come. Still, like Kingdom Come Bannerlord was at Gamescom (there was actually a photo of Daniel Vavra alongside Armagan Yavuz, the Taleworlds boss), and there was some very exciting footage and info which was concisely compiled into the following blog:

Bannerlord blog 11

Sieges now have fully working catapults and battering rams in addition to the siege tower, villages have four plots of land around them which can be developed into farms, mines or even a castle, there is a replay function that can record in single or multi player and there is even an in game sword crafting tool. The game looks great in my opinion, I’m really looking forward to it.

The dialogue screen looks much better than in Warband

A still from the siege scene

The character creation is also much improved…meet Arnold!


There are plenty other places to talk about it. (there’s been a few threads about M&B, as well as hot topic in any thread discussing games of a similar genre)

All this information has been covered by the OP’s video series (the one this thread is dedicated to).


While I’m in this thread I should probably put this link here for the people who missed the extra details about the features from behind the scenes at gamescom


@McWonderBeast; until after your post the OP had not updated the thread with the gamescom information. And why would you want me to post Bannerlord specific information in another M&B thread? It is the most recent M&B based thread I saw today when checking the recent thread list, and the thread title says it all- it is for Bannerlord. Therefore this is the most appropriate thread for Bannerlord info.

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no its fine :smile:I actually forgot about this thread :frowning:


I don’t know much about Bannerlord II, but I wonder if they’re adding more armor/weapons and ‘‘slots’’ for said armor. It’d be interesting to mix and match different ‘‘sets’’ of armor.


Thanks Stalli :smile:

@TheKnightinBlack; there is just one more slot that seems to be for the shoulder area. So far I think there has been just one screenshot displaying such armour, from a 2013 blog:

(by the way is it possible to put spoiler tags around images to save screen space?)

There is also, as you will note from the same screenshot, separate armour that can be put on a horse.


That’s very good news, hope they had a good talk about … ??? … will be seen :wink:


Everyone has scabbards, quivers are worn with the help of straps instead with the help of magical glue and even the bows are worn without the help of magical glue.

KCD really should work on those topics :smile:


@danangleland Thanks for that. :smile:


Bannerlord Blog 12

There is a new blog, with the link above. Towards the bottom of the blog you will find a short ‘video’ (about 17 seconds long, it is not a video per se, rather it is 168 screenshots shown in sequence at high speed to show what 2 in-game years looks like in terms of the seasonal changes).


Yup, I saw that. and shall be covering it on my channel as soon as I can :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, I look forward to hearing your take on it :smile:


Sorry for the delay, but i was away with family fro xmas.
here is my video on the latest blog post-


Bannerlord is one of my most awaited Games in this Genre. Maybe even a lil bit ahead of Kingdoms Come. I enjoyed Warband so much and also loved the modablity. I think, if its about Replaybility “in my opinion” i think Bannerlord will be the best out of my three most wanteds of this kind of Games. I believe Kingdoms Come will be amazing as well, but for me it looks like its a Game which offers a great new and fresh experience, where i will enjoy the first walkthroughs, but where i not can spent as much Time as i do in Mount and Blade. As example - if you look at an RTS Game, Kingdoms Come is more like an Campaign to me, and Warband/Bannerlord more like an Skirmish. meanwhile the first offers a great story/experience, is the second thing for longtime-consuming replayblity. The Third on my List(and now i will get lynched) is “For Honor” =)


We dont lynch people here. We just hang them from the sufficiently tall tree.
Anyway… I am also interested in that title, might be fun.


PC Gamer magazine are holding an event this coming weekend (5-6th March) in London, with many attractions and demonstrations. One such is of Bannerlord; an hour long section on both the Saturday and Sunday, including a 40 minute live demonstration of the gameplay. Apparently there is going to be a livestream of Bannerlord on Sunday (starts at 4pm), available to watch on Youtube. According to the TaleWorlds community manager, known on the forum as Captain Lust, there will be a 20 minute slot for Bannerlord in this livestream, so not the full thing.

Just thought I’d let people here know about it (there will be lots of other games shown on livestreams too). Here is a link to the event itself (not too late to get tickets I think if you can get to London :slight_smile: ): PCG Weekender
and a link to the livestream for Bannerlord: BL Livestream

(it’s not started obviously but it seems to be a sort of reserved feature on Youtube)

EDIT: The live stream for Bannerlord is at 16:00 on Sunday.


Not many News… :frowning: A timeeater-stream