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What I haven’t missed is the wilful blindness of Sir Warriant, who apparently can’t see a difference between Bannerlord and Warband AI. He also made a blatantly ridiculous statement about the commander battle being a single player thing in Warband…that’s like saying Warband had a singleplayer multiplayer mode, it is an oxymoron.


The only difference is one is single player the other is multiplayer. The fact that it’s being touted as this brand new thing is horse shit. They have a nearly identical version in NPW, and it’s essentially just a built upon custom battle from Warband.


They were standing in a line, just like they do in Warband.

Nope, now you’re just lying. I constantly have them chase me in Warband while I’m shooting at them in Warband.

They were standing in a line, like they do in Warband.

Nope, i just get tired of M&B fanboys, ive been dealing with them since 2012, when Chivalry and WOTR came out, and Mount and Blade fanboys would flock to the comment sections, autisticly screeching


And now we have the you (a fan boy) going after anyone who points out that there is hardly any fucking progress made in Banner-lord despite the previous instalment being released 7 years ago. And War-band wasn’t even that different from the original mount and blade.

I’m probably telling you all this in vain though, because you will continue to insist the AI is different, and you will continue to see massive changes that literally no one else can.


…You just made a load of blatantly false statements and stole my lament about telling you the truth being in vain. Good lord. The only person I have “jumped on” is you, or rather I have jumped on your preposterously disingenuous statements. I have honestly disputed and discussed posts from a few other people, but that’s all- I haven’t had a go at anyone but you, and found no fault with other posters.


Which ones are false?
The rest of your post doesn’t contain an argument so I’m not going to address it.

This all just really boils down to you claiming to see magical AI changes, that literally no one else in this thread can see.


A line is not the same as the ranks we see in Bannerlord. The two formations of infantry meet and stay in those ranked formations. The enemy in Warband goes for the nearest group to it, which in the case of the video was the player team’s infantry- this didn’t happen in the video because the enemy cav wanted to meet the player team’s cavalry, which happened to be controlled by the player. Nor would the player team infantry have marched past the two battling groups of cavalry in Warband; they would ALWAYS have headed directly to attack the enemy cavalry group because the rest of the enemy army was very far away. Sometimes in Warband enemy AI peel off individually to focus on the player if he is already VERY close, they do not however make a beeline for his distant group from far away if there is a closer player team group to engage.

The comment you make about the commander/captain battle being like a custom battle is objectively silly. The similarities are very few and simplistic- they both involve setting up a battle between two teams and setting the number of troops. The fact that multiple players are introduced in Commander/Captain battles is a huge game changer; the AI is no longer in charge of either side. Add to that each team being split into multiple groups and the possibility to have more than one group of each type of troop (so it isn’t just infantry, archers and cav under one command each, unless you have a 3v3), and the fundamentals of Captain mode are radically different to those of Custom battles. Which is why I was confused in the first place what the hell you were talking about Custom battles for. You may as well say a battle match in Warband multiplayer is the same as a battle in the main singleplayer game mode.

You also make the statement that nobody else in the thread can see the AI changes. I doubt that’s true, though in any case the only two recent respondents other than me have been you and 213, the latter seeming not only to be an ardent fan of KCD (not a bad thing) but also providing evidence as to why he thinks M&B is inferior to KCD- and later saying that he doesn’t see it as a competitor. Which raises the question of why he felt the need to make a couple of posts telling people why it wasn’s as good as KCD…The point being, even he seems mildly averse to giving Bannerlord its due, and you most certainly are averse to doing so. In fact I would dispute that you can’t see the changes in AI, because your answers to the careful points I made about the video flatly contradicted the evidence. Rather, you don’t want to admit to anything good about Bannerlord.

I’ve seen lots of people complain about Bannerlord at Taleworlds. Again, this is fine- I’ve done it myself. But even the most vociferous critics and anti-fans have been able to recognise some improvements in the battle AI.


You haven’t met me yet! :smile:
My first playthrough was with the Original M&B from 2008…
M&B2:B is an joke. The techniques behind the game are more than outdated to most common games today. It looks like the same low budget game, only with a new visual face.
And you describe things which looks like the same crap as in Warband.
Who needs big battles when the world is realistic, especially reconstructed as it really is.
Filled with motion captuered models and animations, presented in tasks that try to make the characters look like normal people. Mount & Blade is an Medieval game for in-between. Good, but really nothing special anymore. Greetings from DNF

And when they did such things… they are nothing and no real medieval fans. Every Medieval game can be some special but not with that kind of peasants.

Z poważaniem,


Well, I would never compare mount and blade with KCD. Because they are vastly different games, just because both games have swords and a medieval setting doesnt mean they should be compared to each other.

Mount and blade is a great game series. And Bannerlord will be great aswell. Purely because of the modability of the game. With improved engine and features to support modders. (New and different skeletons for characters animations)

The modding community has made warband what it is today. It has added features, improved excisting ones. The graphics got updated in some mods.
Bannerlord will be a awesome game, once the mod community get their hands on it.


the modding community will need to replace tons of animations, textures, models, skeletons, just so bannerlord could look like something from 2012, instead of what it current resembles, which is a mod for a 2009 game.


HAHAHA, but how immersive gameplay can be


Why do people keep saying that, it doesnt look bad.
Things like the enviroments and armors look very nice. Only the character models are a bit strange but still decent looking.

Don’t confuse bad graphics with the style of graphics, the seem to have choose a bit cartooney style and lighter colors. Which do look nice.
TaleWorlds also had a choice; improve graphics or have hundreds of characters in a battle. Which is something people have been asking for a long time.


yeah that’s true … i enjoyed the gameplay, especially big battles with two little tools for Warband. One to increase the amount of soldier’s for the leadership skill and second to show warriors or soldiers in battles up to 10000 at the same time. No more reinforcements and my army was somewhere around 5000 soldiers. But my PC was not able to show them all at the same time so i set the option somewhere to 700 for one battle. Played one year in one savegame. :sunny:


I love and will be playing both KCD ands M&B 2 , as well as TES 6 and Two Worlds 3 when they come out. That’s my choice and my money! The rest of you can fight and argue among yourselves all you want, but I for one, have not found and immersion in this comment section.


Just saw the release date for M&B 2 Bannerlord on Gamepressure.com and the date they are announcing is December 26th 2018. It looks like everyone will have to wait 1 more whole year, which will work out great for me, as I will be given ample time to play Kingdom Come Deliverance and Far Cry 5. Just thought I’d let everyone know about those waiting impatiently for a release date update on M&B 2 Bannerlord.

Emerald Knight


I just see 2018. Both are most likely just estimates. No one knows when the game will release, not even TaleWorlds. Wait for a official release announcement.


What you saw was on the release date page, but if you go to main page and and then click on the coming releases and then on M&B 2 Bannerlord, you will see that date posted. Did you just think that I just made that date up? I just reported what I saw, nothing more and nothing less. And by the way, I’ll be getting the game regardless of when it comes out.


I never said you made something up, or questioned your commitmend to buy the game.

What I tried to say, but failed, is that sites like this always post a date like december 2018 or december 31st. It is very common, even if there hasn’t been a official release date announced. This way sites can generate views and clicks on their site. Because they have ‘exclusive’ news.

Does this mean the game will not be released in 2018? You never know, perhaps the game does get released in december 2018. But as of now, no official statement has been made.


The difference between Kingdom come Deliverance and Bannerlord clearly explained here


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