Mouse issue; Mouse does not work for moving around


The mouse is not working for turning and looking up and down but it does work in menues and on the map.

I tried restarting the game, updating my mouse drivers, unplugging it etc.

Game is in the latest build, as per Steam updater.


Not trying to insult you but check the mouse connection ensure it is plugged in… Try a different mouse. The mouse does sometimes stop working. and a new mouse is needed.


No insult taken, but you did read that my mouse is working in the menues and on the map?


It is possible there is a conflict between your mouse and something in the game graphics setting. Awhile back there were posts on a specific mouse driver interface problem with KCD, that supposedly was fixed several patches ago. Have you tries a different mouse? Are you running any mods? Troubleshooting the problem… Sorry I can’t offer any better help.


Hi, yes I have tried a different mouse. Two different mice on my gaming PC still same problem. First one was a Steelseries Sensei (Updated the drivers etc.) and the second one is a Razor. Interestingly though when I play the game on my laptop I don’t have the problem. And a mouse that does not work on my gaming PC still works on the Laptop. So I think it is either a problem with my installation on my Gaming PC or a hardware setting, although I did not change anything between the mouse working and it suddenly stopping.


Have you tried this…… Delete all of your mouse drivers on your PC. Connect the mouse of your choice to the PC (hopefully it is a plug and play mouse) allow the PC to update the mouse driver and then check the performance on KCD. Good luck.