Mouse Issue with KCD



I recently got a Roccat Tyon.
works very well in other games.

But always when i start KCD the LEDs stop glowing.

I didn´t know what the issue was, reinstalled the drivers etc…
It only startet to work properly after replugging it in the USB-Port.

Then i startet KCD again and it stopt glowing.

Am i the only one expiriencing this?
Any way to solve this issue?


What is your running windows build?
When did you recognize this issue the first time?


There’s another thread here about KCD issues with Roccat, but your problem is really weird.


It´s Win 10 , 64bit
Version 1803 (Build 17134.407)

Recognized it 30 mins ago maybe, when i started KCD.

So far it seems to be the only game that is causing this.


If you close the game are the mouse led back on or do you have to restart.


The led stay off and it does not change with a restart.
I have to plug the mouse out and back into the usb-port.


@Wenceslaus or @DrFusselpulli should be attached to the roccat ticket.
@UterusMaximus thx for reporting.


Had a Windows update just now, but did not help.
Very strange thing.


Hello, it seems there is indeed a problem with this specific mouse in combination with our game. We will buy the mouse and try to resolve it, althought I can´t promise anything yet, besides that we will work on it. But it will unfortunately take a while, there is no fast solution for this, sorry.


Thank you for the reply!
Is there any way to get updated regarding this issue? I would really like to know what is happening there (if possible).


Right now the Mouse is on the list of things we need to buy. As far as I know it will go to the programmers.
As you know, this Mouse is not cheap, so we wouldn´t buy it for nothing, we really want to work things out, and the purpose for us to buy it is to fix the issue, not to have a cool mouse while working with Excel and Outlook. :slight_smile:


Total understand that!
No pressure. I am just being curious =)