Much Better After Patch

I stopped playing around the time of the first patch and played other games as it was driving me a bit crazy. I’ve come back to it now and I have to say its much improved on PS4.

I’ve had very few graphic glitches, the main one I used to get was people and buildings in Rattay not rendering properly but I’ve only had a couple of floating heads on one occasion, and only one game bug (Pious only had normal Villager dialogue when I got him out, so there was only one way to get the Thing from him). This is a vast improvement on immersion.

I don’t have internet at the moment (long story) so I carted my machine to someone else’s house to download the patch (as I can play this game offline while I’m waiting for internet), and it was worth it.

I’m only at the Siege stage now, and I don’t know how much of the main story there is left, but so far so good!

Anyway keep it up, now its running more smoothly it really should get more credit, its so different from any other game I’ve played, in a good way.