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I am just wondering if this game will have a MP option or not!


Hi Martinz,

welcome to the community. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a story driven single player game only. It will not have a multiplayer part. But maybe later games will have it, we are not sure about that yet.

Ok, thanks for the info!

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Please, we need definitly a multiplayer. If not in the first act, then in a later one.
There are good Medieval multiplayer games like Chivalry MW oder War of the Roses.
But there a some idiots like in Chiv MW who put there mouse sensitivity high an make super speed circle attacks by using exploits.

That shit sucks and there is no good medieval multiplayer where you have realistic combat.
A simple duel mode would be personally for me totally fine.

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the point of multiplayer is so you can do stupid stuff like that. realistic multiplayer hardly sells. look at the statistics.

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A realistic single player game has obviously many backers. Why not even more with a good multiplayer in it?

Because its not worth the hassle…

1v1 combat could be fun, but it would have VERY limited expiration date… it would be fun for few hours, but not many people would play that afterwards…
Team vs Team combat is even more complicated, you usually need some servers, solve required networking code, deal with many balancing issues, do a whole lot of testing of interactions, progression systems etc etc… It would be basically whole new game only in same engine, and it would probably still interest only some niche group of people, while it would atleast double the development time. So definitely not worth it.

And making cooperative multiplayer for RPG with single protagonist is beyond anyones expectations.

I would respectfully vote “no” for multiplayer. Single-player games are a dying breed, with more and more games going fully to multiplayer, or including multiplayer elements, opening the door to one day going fully multiplayer.

My problem with multiplayer is that it’s the death of story driven games. From a programming perspective, it also has to be more cost friendly. Don’t have to worry about AI as much. Don’t have to create as much–if any-- branching story lines. It makes companies lazy IMO.

Also, mutliplayer games 90% of the time unrealistic, because you’re dealing with other people who always want to pursue exploits, cheats, or just want to fuck around. It creates anti-immersive gaming experiences.

Single player gaming, pursuing robust, immersive worlds, branching story lines, and pushing the limits of artificial intelligence, etc., is what companies should strive for.


It would be basically whole new game

Äh,no definitly not.
And a multiplayer is definitly not that much work like a singleplayer. You dont need AI, Story, much stuff around it like taverns, shops, gold …

So you cant compare the work and I dont think it would be that big of a deal to implement it in later Acts and who ever says, “not that many would play it only a couple”, where is your proof? There is always a multiplayer community in a good multiplayer game, always servers which are full so that argument is false.

What about co op, man? That would complete this game! Another game that would be good co op is metro series. That would be cool too… From what I heard that they would have to write a bunch of scripts and blah blah blah but I wouldn’t care if there were extra scripts or not. I would want one of my good friends (That have been waiting for realistic good co op game) to play with me so we both have good time.

As far as PVP I completely agree. No PVP.

Well, KCD story is already finished, and it features one blacksmith as main protagonist… I kinda doubt, that they would rewrite it so there can be blacksmith and… .eh… shoemaker? :smiley:

I am not gonna lie, I would kill for proper cooperative game right now :slight_smile: But they are just so rare… one of very few which can be played really well cooperatively (maybe even better than singleplayer) is Divinity: Original Sin - even splitscreen!

Yes even split screen

I’m definitely an advocate for a CO-OP game that you can play with a buddy online, where you’re both existing, playing in the same game. Kind of like you’re playing a single player game, inside that single player “universe”, but someone else is playing with you (so not to be confused with some multi-player game where the game is watered down in order to support online play). It’d be a through and through full, complete, story based game that you both exist in.

I imagine an open world game where if your friend can’t play on a day, you can play single player if you want, and you can progress in the game, but, let’s say your friend has a house, and his door will just simply be locked. Then, maybe on the next day he can play, and you guys can connect to each other, and now he’s at his house, and he can come out whenever he wants, or if you don’t have a key, you have the option to knock on his door, or pick the lock, or if he’s given you a key you can go inside.

I like the idea of the game having a dynamic, branching story-line that can be progressed through a vast and varied amount of ways. I like the idea of a CO-OP game where you can work together to move through the story, or you can break up tasks and sort of go your own way. I imagine your character having individual quests and shared quests. Shared quests would consist of things you discovered together, as a team, or quests that were individual quests, but you invited your friend to join you, help you. You can also have quests you give entirely to your friend. Also, I think a game like this, quests should have urgency. You have a certain amount of time to execute each quest or the quest simply fails (lost opportunity), or it can have a negative impact on the story-line, pushing you down a different, probably more difficult task, or it can end the game, forcing you to start at a past save point.

Imagine being given a quest from someone who only trusts you, but you want your friend to do it for you. You have to introduce your friend to the quest-giver, letting them know that you trust your friend and he’s more than capable of executing the responsibilities. The quest-giver will speak to your friend and there will be a dialogue exchange, where things like personality, charisma, etc. will come into play, if this quest-giver will allow your friend to take on the responsibility.

And then there are more mundane tasks, where you don’t need quest-giver approval. Maybe an old fisherman needs help acquiring some supplies or something, so you tell your friend he can keep 90% of the gold if he wants to do the task for you. The fisherman may be surprised a different person shows up, but at the end of the day, he received what he asked for, and your friend simply saying, “I was asked to do this for you”, etc., or whatnot, would suffice.

Just thinking out-loud here…

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People love to play with their friends, compete with their friends and complete with others. Multiplayer is a necessity for gaming.

If it was a necessity I don’t believe so many of us would have backed this project. :grin:

I know I backed it because it was a single player game with a focused story and setting, it was just Icing on the cake that it was to be realistic.


Exactly. One of my biggest interests in this game, what attracted me at the beginning, was that it was a single player game, striving for realism.

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If this game was turned into a multiplayer, I think it could compete for something like a Ultima Online successor. The sandbox feel this game has is simply unrivaled by any other MMORPG on the shelf. Sandbox is what the MMORPG genre is missing. Screw the quests. Go more of a Star Citizen approach and have a single player and multiplayer experience.

You have the framework built. The characters. the assets. the combat and law systems. Add in some UO longevity elements like player housing. Economy. Guilds. Factions. Networking. This game could be something truly MASSIVE

Äh no. Dont convert it. Just a nice DM Mode would be nice.

It looks to me, reading most comments, people looks at multiplayer like only mobas and mmos were multiplayer games. Did you forgot the fact that 50% of good old games had actual multiplayer inside? The kind of multiplater KCD can benefit from? The OP didn’t speak about making an mmo, he just said “multiplayer”. That could scale from a simple duel mode in a restricted arena up to a coop mode for the story. Look at Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. You can play the whole story alone and invite someone home to play with you; he’d get a second character and you’d go on with the story. That’d be Amazing in KCD