Must-have mods, as of March 2019?


Hi fellow KC:D fans,

So basically I want to get back in this game for a second playthrough, after I’ve finished it long ago, when it was in 1.3.1. version. This time I want to try it in hardcore mode as I was a little disappointed by the difficulty in the original game; basically by doing a lot of side quests, a bit of stealing from times to times and by exploiting some flaws I was detecting in the AI I’d been able to accumulate overpowered gear and perks by the middle of the game, which spoilt a bit the fun for me.

What do you think of this mod:

Better Combat and Immersion Compilation

For those who have tested it, is it a good pick? Is there any other mods you suggest which would also make things a little more difficult and realistic?

Then, another concern of mine is performance, as I’m playing on a 2015 laptop with a GTX 960M 2 Go VRAM. Any good mods for improving performance? Right now I’m on 900p at about 25 fps on Low.


More encounters is fun


Just use only uptodate/updated Mods!. With old Mods you will get only trouble and bugs…
But maybe you start first with hardcore difficulty (ingame!). :slight_smile:


Wait for April, hopefully they’ll bring modding support soon after last DLC. It’s around corner. That April release of DLC is just gossip. But this seems to be realistic.