My first playthrough! Help!

Greetings brothers & sisters!
Finally I’m able to play the game I waited so long to play & with it I decided to start my streaming career :sweat_smile:
So I’m asking you what quests and places I must go and have see&show my audience? Pls no spoiler :grimacing:
Just Questnames I should look for or maybe where to find it and if you want to join us on our journey with Henry > every Sunday.

Good luck in your online endeavor.

Just play the game, while it is open world, the main story line is well structured. I guess there are some more strange side quests, but I can’t remember their names. Just explore for yourself rather than try to play the highlights.


Hello. I personally like to visit Vranik for panorama view because it lies very high and you can see some distant places from there, however it is hard to get there (you need to look up on YouTube how to enter it) because there is only one way and that is kind of tricky. Another nice view is south of Skalitz, south of Talmberg and North of Rattay and probably the most popular place to visit is Sasau where are also some pretty cool main and side quests.
This quest is commonly most beloved:
Mysterious Ways.
Other big quests are:
Baptism of Fire - All That Glisters - Needle in a Haystack - Siege - Payback - An Oath is An Oath.

I know at least 2 entries, first one is tricky, yes:


and this one, not tricky at all:


I forgot I was there normally first time around and went back after end game when it was tricky to get there.

Thank you guys, it’s noted!
Will see how far I’ll come with our today’s play at 5pm gmt+1.

My two cents worth suggest that you explore as much as possible and get a feel for the game. Don’t worry about the main quest, it can be started at any time.

The quest Next to Godliness is great (talk to the person you were hunting with).

I also liked Restless Spirit (In Ledetchko Innkeeper tip->herbalist)