My observations exploring the rest of the map while you are supposed to be in Skalitz


So, even though I am roughly halfway thru the game, I became a bit bored and wanted to experiment. So I backed up my saves, deleted all mods except Ultimate Saving, and started a new game. But this time, I didnt talk to my father in Skalitz. Instead I talked to mother, taking 2 speech points, since it is the only skill which cant be actively leveled. Afterwards I set off knocking out a guard and taking his things, which gave me armor and a decent weapon. And then, beating up Kunesh for strength (without starting the quest to approach him about his debt). Then I talked to father, met my friends and threw shit at Deutsch’s house. They offered to help me beat up Kunesh, so we wailed on him again, then I talked to Fritz for a few lockpicks. Then I started lockpicking all easy locks I could find, reloading a save after a failed attempt. I also began sneaking up on everyone I could find, either knocking out or killing, which eventually boosted stealth enough to let me stealth kill with a dagger. I started gathering all herbs I could find, selling them to merchants and intentionally accepting less money for the goods, which boosted speech again and raises reputation. The herb gathering eventually lets you take a skill which raises charisma, which in turn turns thing more in your favor when talking in general and dealing with merchants. Merchants wont buy stolen items, but Bianca will buy stolen food/alcohol for lowered price. I was able to significantly raise vitality while jumping over fences at a full run. I was quite surprised to learn that you can grind multiple skills to a decent level before leaving Skalitz.

But I never finished the quests yet and wanted to see what would happen if I were able to escape Skalitz before the Cuman invasion. So I invoked ‘p_fly_mode 1’ (free camera roam mode). I noticed that multiple people, like the catchpole and several peasants, were seemingly walking in the air). I got an idea, started walking from one end of town to the other in a straight line, which raised me up enough in the air that I was nearly able to walk over the fence to freedom. But after an hour of trying, I just couldnt quite get the height required to glitch over the fence. And if I disabled the command while in midair, Henry would fall to his death, even if I was just a few feet off the ground.

So I decided to make use of teleport commands to place myself in a random location (the coordinates I used put me somewhere outside Talmberg):

1.You can enter Talmberg but the guards will not greet you with the Robard scene.

  1. Merchants or anyone else wont talk with you at all, with the exception of a few traders, so you cant buy/sell or do quests, etc.

  2. If you are caught for murder and the guards arrest you, you will go to jail, which triggers the Skalitz jail acene where you die in jail and game ends.

  3. If you are caught for lesser crimes you can buy your way out, or talk your way out if charisma/strength is high enough

  4. It is always daytime, night will never come

  5. You can still go to bandit camps or otherwise fight enemies, places like Pribaslavitz will still have Cumans even though the invasion in Skalitz hasnt technically been triggered

  6. If you enter Rattay the guards and others will not greet you with the speech lines you would normally get when going in for the first time via the “normal” route

  7. Miller Peshek will not talk to you, so you cannot train in lockpicking/pickpocketing or start The Good Thief quest, but you can still store stolen goods in the chest and they will lose their stolen tag eventually

  8. Most skills can be levelled normally, skill points granted and used, etc.

  9. You cant fast travel even after discovering a location

  10. You cant ride a horse

I’m still exploring in this way, it does seem that the entirety of the map is accessible. But all in all you are very limited in regard to what you can/cant do. I’ll eventually just liad one of my saves and resume the questline from where I left off. I would imagine that playing in such a nonconventional/unintended manner might trigger weird game behavior even if I teleported to Skalitz to finish up. I was just wondering if others have tried what I’ve dine, what you learned, your experiences…


When I escaped Skalitz, I jumped up the wall with a horse and didn’t trigger the cutscene with chasing Cuman horsemen. I went to Sasau, Talmberg. They lived but couldn’t do quests. I didn’t play long since Talmberg triggers the end of chasing cutscene even though they didn’t start chasing you.


@savvym:How did you manage to get a horse in Skalitz? And how long ago was this playthrough? Stealing a horse to jump the wall was my first idea, but none of the horses had the mount/mount and steal option. Possibly the option to steal a horse while there used to be in the game, but was patched out.


Not in Skalitz. I escaped Skalitz the usual way. I picked a horse, there are plenty and jumped up the wall around the cutscene trigger. I do not remember, maybe 3 patches ago.


As it turns out, Miller Peshek actually will talk to you. But the first time I tried, he wouldn’t say anything. But you can only do training, no quests.

Theresa also apparently lives at the mill, she will also engage in small talk. But if you already picked up the nails from your parents’ home in Skalitz, Henry will give them to her automatically, which will teleport you back to Skalitz for the invasion cutscene (assuming you have already completed the other stuff your father told you to do, before messing around). I had always thought she lived in Skalitz before the invasion, not at the Rattay mill.

Another weird thing I noticed, if you go to jail it will show the cutscene you would see if you were arrested in Skalitz where Henry dies in jail and the game ends. But, when he is screaming for help, he screams not in English, but apparently Hungarian. It was funny to hear him scream for help in a language that isn’t even native to him. It’s probably just a bug.


It could mean anything. She’s fictional anyways. But she spoke about her killed brothers so she was either at visit in Skalitz to one of her brothers (miner in Skalitz mines) or she actually lived there with some relatives. I would like to see how she lived before invasion in new DLC. But I think it will more action oriented if I can call that. Many imply she wouldn’t be fighting a sword but maybe be more sneaky character. Who knows what quests they are cooking. DLC is nearly finished according to devs, so let’s say it’s already cooked story, they’re probably smoothing it now.

Can you post a video of Henry in jail speaking Hungarian?


@savvym: Not sure what your point is. Most of the major characters in the game actually did exist, but I’m pretty sure that Henry and Theresa are fictional and not based on any real person.

I’ll see if I can replicate the jail thing.


That’s what I wrote.


I did manage to get a 2 min vid of Henry seemingly shouting in another language. But it’s over 2GB, and I have no knowledge of how to re-encode a video to a smaller size, so I’m not uploading it. YouTube is really the only place I could upload it anyway. I’m philosphically opposed to using Google’s services, which includes YT, GMail, Google Plus, their search engine, any of their apps on Android (even though I’ve have used and modded/hacked Android devices for years, they are all mostly free of Google components). Google doesnt respect people’s privacy, and they are gargantuan, money hungry, overpowered machine that will stop at nothing to collect your info. I wont give them any more than necessary.

Besides that, I think it’s just a bug that got triggered when I tried to play the game in a way WH didnt intend. It’s probably the Cumans shouting, but lip-synced to the movements of Henry’s mouth. Like, his dialogue cuts out so you hear them instead. And it’s random, I cant reproduce it in every case that I’ve went to jail, not even most times.

Another point, the native language in the game shouldnt even be English, but WH had to make the game that way, because they knew most of their customers understand English more than anything else. I seriously doubt that anyone in 1403 Bohemia spoke English as primary, much less as secondary. Not sure what language they would have used, but English isnt it. It’s also interesting to note that many characters in the game have names that have been Anglo-Saxon-ized/Anglicized from their original name. Like “Henry”, “Theresa”, “Bianca”, “Runt”, etc. I doubt any native Bohemians had a name like that.


OK, there are 2 ways to see this -
A/ congrats, you put a lot of effort , you are a pro
B/ why did you waste time , playing like this???


@Crossbowman: There’s a 3rd way to see it, one that you obviously never considered. It’s called just wanting to screw around. Because that’s what people oftentimes do when playing games, they try things just to see what happens. I never claimed to be a pro, I’ve nowhere near mastered the clunky combat mechanics. Yes, it’s a waste of time, but so is playing games in general. You could, after all, be working on something productive or whatever. Games are, for me and many others here, a way to relax and have fun. So, with all due respect, if you feel that what I did is stupid and a waste of time, then feel free to show yourself the door out of this thread, no need to waste your time posting here. It’s either that or you were trying to troll. I was just relaying an experience, and wondering, for others that might have been interested, if they had tried something similar.


It would have been old Czech, of course. The most probable secondary language would have been old German. Then officials would have also known Latin, because it was the official language of the Holy Roman Empire. English would have been hardly even heard of by many at the time since it wasn’t even that much of a state language in England itself (in 1403, it is mid-way in becoming the official and the most widespread language in England). Experienced travellers would have probably been able to speak and understand some Dutch or Italian depending on where their routes take them most of the time.

This is true. Slavic names are very difficult for the non-slavic world. Likewise, Slavic variations of common names. For example, Henry would have been Jindřich in Bohemia. In this case, J is pronounced like Y and ř is actually a complex sound like “RZH” [rʒ] which isn’t familiar to an anglo-saxon ear, so it’s like yeend-rzhikh. On the other hand, Theresa is Teresa, which is quite simple. Bianca is Blanka in Slavic forms. Not sure about Runt since it’s a nickname, but you can look in Czech subtitles. You can also easily find posts on this forum where people are pissed by the names in Czech like Uzhitz, Pribyslavitz etc.