My television doesn't support the game

Hi, I change my television (it was a PC screen for a TV screen) and when I play everything is bugging and lagging (the character and the NPCs walk in a very slow mod I don’t know what to do…

Change the resolution settings on both the TV and the game. It maytake some time to find the correct combination.

Okay thank you for this answer, I’ll try it now. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve try to resolve the problem but now, when I start the game the game makes a black screen during one second, after this black screen I have the game load screen during one second and it comes back every time, and when I turn off the game the black screen is still there so I have to put my computer down, and restart it, i think I’ve made a mistake.

It will trial by error until you get it write. I suggest you make a list of the steps you take and if it doesn’t work adjust accordingly. It is tedious, but it saves from buying a monitor.