Nails for Theresa

The nails for Theresa are not in the trunk of the house.

look in your inventory, maybe you picked them up right at game start with the saviour snapp’s and the other stuff?

No but I did the quest and they were not in my inventory so maybe a secret change. I thought I may have taken them at the start but there was nothing in it

Like marigold decoctions or saviour schnapps either but I spoke to Theresa and the nails were not even in my inventory and still gave her the nails

I have items from a previous save in my inventory as well for some reason. A bandit ear and a blue and red chequered hood that I looted in Kuno Rychwald’s camp

Are you on PC or Console?
If you are on PC, do you use MODs?

Xbox One. Even the quest for Peshek at the start where you have to find the ring is not in the chest at the executioner’s. It seems that items that were there before have disappeared.

Lol, this game is unplayable even a year after release?? I gave it a second chance after several months, but I’m stuck on this - PS4 version. Pathetic, guys, seriously!

I had the same problem as well, but what I did was. Fully closed the game and restarted, then when I looked in the chest, it was finally there