"Natural Colors"


Hello everyone!
Sorry if I bother others with another ReShade Preset (that is, there are already a few xD).

Some time ago I started to create a preset that would give a more “natural” and “dry” colors, eliminate the bloom of the sky, highlight the shading and give it therefore a stronger AO, etc.
Currently there is the original version to download (in Nexus is called Natural Bohemia), but I am also working on a greener version, in any case I will leave here for you to see, and I would love to hear opinions.
Here is the result, I hope it is to your liking.

And the greener version.


It looks darker for me.


The gamma, contrast and everything related to the brightness of the screen remain exactly the same.
Here I have only darkened and changed the hue(color) of the vegetation, next to the color of the Sky (going from Aqua to a more “DodgerBlue”), but everything else regarding general Gamma remains practically the same so as not to generate annoying darkness.


What did you write to console to make it like that? It looks still good.


If you refer to the commands, in the first images I have the “AO Fix” by bravo16mt (no idea if it was previously uploaded in the forum, possibly).
r_ssdo = 1
r_ssdoAmountAmbient = 1.4
r_ssdoAmountDirect = 2
r_ssdoAmountReflection = 4
r_ssdoHalfRes = 2
r_ssdoRadius = 0.04
r_ssdoRadiusMin = 0.07
r_ssdoRadiusMax = 0.1
e_svoTI_SSAOAmount = 1.545
e_svoTI_SpecularAmplifier = 0.82
e_svoTI_TemporalFilteringBase = 1
e_svoTI_MinReflectance = 0.19
e_svoTI_DiffuseAmplifier = 1.12

And low Sharpening(the sharpening burns my eyes xd)

Now I was trying some things from the LOD, but I still have not decided.

On the other hand, the last image was without commands.