Need Archery Perks

This is something I pretty much avoided using because it’s very inconvenient outside of hunting. Which is very disappointing for those that came to this game wanting to play as a hardcore archer.

I believe there should be a perk that gives you a cursor, would be nice to have something later on to improve your accuracy even more and faster draws.

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Would not that soften the hardcore mode, if you just learned to cope with it? My opinion :slight_smile:

As a real life amateur archer I must say that archery in this game is rather odd. Naturally phyisics will be different to favour balance but aiming alone is a big issue in my opinion. From my perspective you’re “hip firing” your bow, in real life you can aim with the bow itself, modern bows even feature sights.

Where I’m trying to get is that there are games, such as Skyrim for instance. Where even if you didn’t have a reticle you can still somewhat aim using the arrow as a pointer.

Well, medieval bows did not have any sights. And in KCD you can still do gap aiming, although historical method would probably be some sort of instinctive aiming. But gap aiming is possible. Measure distance between you and target, aim arrow point on the target, shoot, and measure gap between aiming point and the place where arrow hit. Then use this gap to offset your aiming next time when shooting at the same distance.

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They do have Mods/Cheats for that, aiming reticle. However, I really don’t find archery that hard. Its a bit different in combat, but I did a competition at one of the ranges and hit 13 bullseyes in a row, kinda surprised myself. Admittedly, its a lot different in combat aiming at moving targets. But, even in combat the targets are large and they really dont try to evade shots, i.e. the enemy travels in a straight consistent line.

Playing chumps, and competing at the archery ranges definitely helps with accuracy. Chumps, helps with finding range and the targets help with overall accuracy. the mechanics aren’t arbitrary, from the arrow point the trajectory is consistently off left. You can pretty much count on that and adjust your aim. And I think, think is the operative word, if your release right when you’ve reached the limit of your draw it improves accuracy. I am not positive about the last though. I like playing archer too, and my only gripe is the the sloooow draw. if your on foot the most shots you can get off is two maybe three before your have to run or fight in melee.

Other thoughts: I play a lot of warband multiplayer and as an archer or crossbowman you’re aiming at moving targets and a player that does not travel (actually a player who is aware they’re being targeted and move in an inconsistent manner to disrupt aim) in a straight line. So, you have to estimate and shoot where you think the target is going to be. I think that bit of experience helps me with archery in this game. Especially, in the beginning when the bow moves a lot.

KCD archery is the best git gud weapon implementation I’ve ever played. The strength (development) needed to draw. The shake. The penalties applied in weapon behavior (rather than behind the scenes damage tables) when using bows with reqs higher than ability (eg Cuman 74). The experience needed… to figure out how to reckon distance. Etc

Should there be recticle or a sight or should the (con)trail be different are valid considerations but they are just distractions

I wish melee weapons had the same learning curve. To me, they don’t. Yes, you have to figure out targeting but the swings themselves are light in technique/strength development. This can best be seen in (1) the precision technique used by riff raff NPCs and (2) the inability to rush opponents and land initiative strikes

A well trained archer would have probably been a master at instinctual aiming. You wouldn’t use the bow or point of the arrow to line up your shot, just your eyes & brain. Unfortunately, a computer monitor or TV makes this impossible. It’s why I think aiming cone would have been the best bet. The higher your level, the smaller the cone. Also, reloading your bow should be faster as you increase your level. Another thought is that lower damage bows should technically be able to fire off shots more quickly than higher damage bows since a lower draw weight would usually mean quicker to draw and fire.

Tip: If you want to be a dedicated archer, find some Cuman Vambraces (Wrist Guards). There is a natural point on the Cuman Vambrace when aiming which aligns almost exactly below where the center dot on the screen would be (by a good amount, but it’s mostly aligned left right). It’s not perfect, but you can learn to use it as a reference when attempting to make precise shots. I found it boosted my combat effectiveness and accuracy by at least 100%. lol.

i agree with @frelmedieval on this
Archery is near perfect in this game. It requires you to pick a bow and set of gauntlets and stick with them to improve your accuracy.
Every bow aims different based on the diameter of the shaft and the curve.
All bows aim differently with different gauntlets. Basically, you use the knuckle of your gauntlet as a crude sight. Some gauntlets will hit a close-medium range target with the knuckle of the gauntlet directly over the target. Other gauntlets require some space between them and the target, whether it is vertical or horizontal space or both that is required will depend on the gauntlet in question.

However, when you are a low level your hand will sway meaning you will also need to incorporate muscle memory and time your shot to the rhythm of the sway. This is all exaggerated by aiming at a moving target.
As you rank up the bow will sway less and you will need to slightly alter your technique.
If only, melee combat had the same learning curve and depth lol.

I do however think there should be some perk points, just not a reticle. Maybe some stuff to make drawing the bow faster but reducing damage or vice versa.