Need help with MM_Savegame.xml edit (read only)

Hello all,

I do apologize if this question has already been asked, I did not find it.
I’m enjoying a game a lot and all the realistic mechanic, but still I would be happy to be able to save more often. I admit, too lazy to start over due to the stupid life decisions :d.

Anyhow, back to point.
The version that I bought is Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition, and I’m not sure is the version or the latest patch or what, but I’m unable to edit MM_Savegame.xml for use potions.

    <Node Id="895" Class="UI:Functions:SaveLoad:SaveGame" pos="50,70,0" flags="0">
      <Inputs SaveType="2" OverwriteSaveId="-1" UsePotion="0" />
    <Node Id="896" Class="UI:Functions:SaveLoad:SaveGame" pos="1320,280,0" flags="0">
      <Inputs SaveType="2" OverwriteSaveId="-1" UsePotion="0 />

After the changes in the file, I’m getting error that the file or archive is read only. I’m able to edit the file if I copy it out of the archive package, but then I’m unable to copy it back due to unsupported or something like that error. I have 7zip.

I looked around the internets and I did not find anyone complaining. There are lots of sites with this tweak, but no one complaining it is not working anymore.

I know it is kinda game breaking to save whenever, but well, it is kinda annoying not to be able to, I dunno, I’m too spoiled I guess. and lazy. :slight_smile:

Any help pls?
Thank you

Check files permissions, right-click on file - properties - security and look there, if you are allowed to edit, if not just change the settings (You need to be administrator for that)

Tnx for advice.

I did check that, I have Read/Write access on .pak:

Also, Inside the archive I don’t see any attributes on files:

But when I save the .xml and close the text editor I get:
Cannot update the file
Read Only:

It is strange cos’ there are lot of pages out there describing this as a way, and as said before, I did not find anyone complaining that it is not working anymore, so I wanted to check here. Maybe the one of the patches or updates locked it, or only I have this issue for some reason. I’m logging in to PC with admin account.