Need help!

So as I’m trying to do the mystery quest. I found the scribe and accidently got into some trouble because my kid had my controller and he took off. Well when I tried to talk to him as he was running it didn’t work now I’ve tackled him and it killed him…now what? The priest won’t give any info and nobody can help and I’ve already talked to about 2 Lords. What shall I ever do now?

Have you tried talking to lords?

Kids = problems! XD

As far as I remember, what helped me progress further in the quest after I failed it in a bit later moment, is when I talked to the lord of Rattay (not the young one). Make sure you tried that.

By the way, don’t you have earlier saves to recover?

Well I’m glad you didn’t tackle and kill your kid.

Runt: “Need help?”
Henry draw sword

Sounds like a great negative perk for KCD2 hardcore mode: “Your 6 year old grabbed your controller and you have no idea what you’ve done or said in-game for the last day. And you’re lost.”

Load a previous saved file