Need some help installing new map

Hello, Iv made a new world and I want to know how do I add my map to the game and play it and then I’m at my map or I mean how do I start my map when I start playing the game. Thanks Andrew

In the Steam properities / set launch options… wrote +map your map name
or the same in KingdomCome.exe shortcut - properities / target

I got it off amazon so I’m not using the steam version is there another way with out steam Thank

Thse second line :slight_smile: “or the same in KingdomCome.exe shortcut - properities / target”
Create a shortcut of the Kingdomcome.exe and in properities / target add +map NameOfYourMap

As I found out now though, it works if you launch from bin/win64release KCD.exe. If you try to make this from the bin/win64you wouldnot be able to move after the map is launched.

Thank you Wenceslaus Earl for you help got it working now :slight_smile: