Nest of Vipers Bugged?

Doing the best of vipers mission and I’m wearing a full set of Cuman armor, along with weapons and the full face mask. But I don’t even get the speech check prompts. Just attacked by the whole camp the second I set foot in it. Is t a bug or something else?

Do you use found kuman armor or the set in that crate on the north-eastern hole in the wall house?
My guess is, that only the armor you can find at the vipers-camp will work as camouflage.

On a sidenote: If you get caught by those bandits poisoning their meal, the cumans will also know who you are and attack on sight.

Ah okay I’ll have to try that. I’ve tried using Armor I had, and also luring away a guard and taking their armor. I’ll give the armor in the wall a go.

Pretty shure though, that you have to start at the beginning of the quest again - the auto save, when approaching the camp. I think, the cumans will know you from your first try with that “maybe not working” armor set.

Also the armor should be in good shape and not full of blood.

Wearing items which belong to other side might give you away as well. As I remember from the video they made about this mission, “the more cuman parts you wear, the better chances that you wont be recognized”.

Just want to offer a data point to this. I’ve yet to actually poison any food or set any arrows a light (which might - might?- cause your disguise to fail regardless) and I’m encountering the same attack on sight situation. I’ve tried as many combinations of things (1. armor just from the chest & nothing else, no weapons, armor and/or weapons from a single masked cuman and nothing else, and so on) all clean and in good repair). All to no avail. If there’s a dialogue/stealth possibility, then it’s either bugged or something simple is being overlooked. I’ve read numerous accounts across forums. I haven’t seen a single video of anyone actually doing this, much less the armor set they used (or where they acquired it). If it’s a thing, what are missing?

that would be very strange (and bad) quest design choice from devs, cause camouflage is supposed to work outside the quests (free roam) also…

You can’t be wearing any Western gear, it all has to be Cuman stuff even accessories.

I was able to walk in with Cuman armor I found but I was only wearing Cuman stuff and nothing else.

Also there is a chest by one of the North gates that has a full set of Cuman gear – maybe should try that.

The chest has a difficult lock so if you’re not good at lockpicking I would suggest you knock out/kill the cuman who sleeps alone in his tent and just take his armor.

Different people say different things. All claim their method works. I don’t doubt them. I’ve heard everything from “wear exactly what the guard was wearing” to what you say “it has to be all cuman stuff.” Attacked on site in both cases. I also tried wearing the full set from the chest.

Edit to add: No offense, but I’ve seen dozens of threads just like this one that went like this:

It has to be all cuman armor. But it can just be a few pieces.
Didn’t work.
No it has to be a full set, but it needs to be the exact items from the cuman you took it from.
Didn’t work.
No. It has to be full cuman armor, not exact items or non-cuman items. Just a full set.
Didn’t work
Everyone has this explanation of how they once got it to work and they all conflict. Meanwhile, i havent’ seen any post-launch (much less 1.4) footage showing that this can actually work. Finally, if everyone is telling the truth and they got it to work in varying and conflicting ways, that itself is sufficient to call this a bug. Not “many ways to solve the problem” just “this may not be working as intended.” Either way, I don’t not believe you. I’m just telling you that people are trying the thing you’re saying works (and the thing others are saying works) and they aren’t reaching the same conclusion.

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I stripped myself naked, knocked out a patrolling Cuman and wore everything he had on, weapons and all. This worked for me, if it doesn’t for you I’d say there’s a good chance it’s bugged. Submit a report to WH

Tried that earlier today. Didn’t work. I’ll go ahead and submit the bug. But I can’t proceed forward until they fix it. Assuming it is a bug. Do they actually fix bugs?

It’s definitely supposed to work, and I managed to do it that way in v1.3 but I haven’t tried it since the v1.4 patch so I’d say that probably broke it for you. As to whether they fix bugs, yes, it seems as though the bug needs to be high priority and the fixes appear to break other things a fair bit but yeah they do. They can’t fix it if they’re not aware of it though so definitely go ahead and submit a report.

You are able to complete the sabotage objectives without the disguise though it’s SIGNIFICANTLY harder. Alternatively you can ignore the sabotage all together and simply survey the three angles of approach which is going to make the battle harder but still entirely do-able, you need to scout:
The bridge on the south side
The bridge on the east side
and The southwest approach along the hill.
Do these at night and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

edit: You can also technically just scout one bridge and the building near it and leave, but I don’t recommend it since you’d be going in blind.

After a dozen hours, I eventually gave up trying to disguise myself and poisoned food/burned arrows on the Cuman side. So I’m pretty sure in order to even disguise myself now, I’d have to load back to before I did that. I haven’t read anything to suggest that you can seriously disguise yourself in a uniform once you’ve started sabotaging. So I’m toast.

I can’t break through the brigand side. Based on the map, you should be able to enter the area just north of the church, but that’s a dead end. And the foilage is silly and glitchy all around. So who knows what they intended. Most of the time I end up in a fight where I’m glitched into the foilage (once got knocked 80 feet in the air. Shame it didn’t land me anywhere useful).

Is there some alternate route to the brigand side? Each side I get stopped by the same bandits. Can’t even get close. Day or night.

As far as proceeding. It’s not a matter if I can skip it. And it’s not a matter that by giving up and sabotaging what I could, I may have foreclosed the possibility of using disguises at all. It’s that it took 20 hours of people telling me how it should work and what worked for them to get to this point. I can’t do that for everything.

Can you think offhand of a good way to get to the bandit side? I’m not especially stealthy. But I’ve poured 15 hours into trying to make the disguise thing work and trying to get through the bandit camp.

As far as I know there’s only the one entrance into the bandit section of the camp and most times it’s guarded, plus there’s a cutscene which stops you as you enter. Besides simply running through like a madman and trying to stay out of their reach as you go I’m not sure what to suggest, I wish I could be more helpful but even with a working disguise it took me several tries to sabotage everything.

There is the alternate method of befriending the bandit who approaches you at the windmill when you’re looking for Timmy but I doubt you want to go back that far.

I do understand your frustration, I’m currently stuck on the quest which follows the battle as there’s a critical bug you’ve probably read about already which causes CTD.

Wow. So this game really is just that broken. I’d read about folks losing their safe files in the latest patch with no news from warhorse. After all the launch bugs, I stepped back to avoid being a de facto beta tester. Seems like the work is far from done and it might be prudent to go ahead and step back another few months. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Don’t suppose they’ve said anything about refunds for backers or the like? I’m not asking for a debate on licenses, backing, or contract law. Just wondering if it has come up.

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I’ve seen people asking about it but I’ve yet to see anything concrete about refunds, it might be worth contacting them about it I’m not sure. Good luck with whatever you decide, sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

They do. Unfortunately they create the new ones in the process… :frowning:

Cuman armor didn’t work for me. I sneaked around the camp and found out all the locations until the game said to go back to Racek. I then saved and just Ramboed my way in, poisoned two cauldrons and set two barrels of arrows aflame, ran out until the fight ended then did the Rambo again and poisoned the rest of the food (2x) and destroyed the remaining arrow barrels (2x). If you keep moving, they won’t catch you on level 17.

I had good stealth numbers and Cuman stuff. It should’ve been good enough. It wasn’t. Ended up just killing all. I don’t want to watch someone’s moon shot video to able to finish a quest as a saboteur. Next time I’m just going in as horse archer and I’ll sabotage their bodies with arrows.