Nest Of Vipers Too Many Men Killed Bug

when I start the invasion for the mission I keep randomly failing the game. at any moment the screen will get dark and say “too many men have died” even if none of my men have died. it happens no matter what I can do I even reloaded a past save the game before I even scouted the town and it still does it. it is killing the game for me how can I play the game if it keeps failing me for no reason. please help!

Did you manage to poison any of the enemy cooking pots or burn arrows? Just a thought and potential solution, but would require you to go back to resolve…
They are tough requirements to fulfill (had to restart several times), and I don’t think poisoning only some of the pots helps, but will stand correction.

Do you use any mod? This bug is known to be caused by some of em. Try uninstalling any mod before the battle.

There’s a quest called Timmy and some bandits asks you where he is. If you lie to them or tell him where he is. Because the is a buggy mess, the game thinks the bandits are your friends and when you attack and kill a lot of bandits it’ll mistakenly think that you lost too many men

its baptism of fire questline that is bugged, the game somehow flag that you are allied with bandits or cumans and because of this rules when you lost 5 or 7 allied men the game will over. so when you or your ally kill 1 bandit, it counts as if you lose your 1 allied teammates. an easy fix is to download save game from someone who already passed this quest, or you can revert to your old save. this quest is poorly designed and scripted at the beginning and it looks like the devs can’t do anything about it.
personally, after encountering this game-breaking bug, im done with this game and uninstall it right away. feels like being scammed and im glad that i persuaded my friends not to buy this game.