Nest of Vipers


So I’ve played this through to “Game Over: too many of your troops died . . .” and now i’m wondering: is it worthwhile to “weed” out the camp more before I return to Lord Radzig?

I’ve got the stealth and unarmed to be able to take out a lot of the local residents I think, I just didn’t bother on the first go round.


Yep, best to muck things up for them first. Even then I found I needed to build up my strength and agility more than I had.


So, I went in and killed everyone there (in the bandit camp at Pribyslavytziki). Literally: ALL DEAD. I slept in the one bed in the place that had Sleep and Save functionality for five hours, and left with the 2500 pounds of loot in my pocket. I think there was one or maybe two chests in the multi-story tower I didn’t pick open, but otherwise: I literally picked the place clean. Burned all the arrows, took all the fruits and vegetables. Desecrated all the corpses . . .

So I’m guessing they all respawn for the scripted battle scene?

Or will the game give me the option when I talk to Radzig now to say “I already cleared it out”?


Jesus Christ be praised. Churchill would be proud as hell. But methinks you’ll still have to fight.


Yeah, somehow magically all the Westerners and Cumans at the camp respawned. In fact, they MULTIPLIED by a factor of about 2.5 or 3!

I do not like this kind of game design; I have to be honest . . . but as scripted nonsense goes, it was pretty good . . . It didn’t evoke rage the way the first bits in the Prologue did :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My heartfelt Plea to Warhorse Studios: PLEASE, ween yourself from the highly scripted garbage. You’re so much better than that, and you have what it takes to make a truly open world game.

Unless you have the kinds of sophisticated market analyses to show me that Skyrim did not sell better than Witcher 3?

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I cleared the camp before starting the attack. With smallest number of attackers. Although noone of my team died, Radzig and Bernard were still complaing about the huge amount of victims


I took the most people. I never had a battle fail. I shot the archers and just wandered around stabbing at people with my piercer and my mace. We seemed to do OK.


You can wipe them out to make it easier to poison all food and burn all arrows, but there will be more there for the attack. I did not see a difference between wiping it out beforehand and just going in with 1 food poisoned and 1 arrow burned.