Neuhof reputatio problem

Cannot raise rep past 60 because haggling with merchants doesn’t raise it anymore. Have absolutely no idea what to do. Yes I did the quest by the old whore, but nobody ever saw me in Neuhof while i was stealing. Also did all the main quest related to that area , returned ginger and still 60. Any ideas or solutions?

A win in the horse race will raise your rep to 100.

Unfortunately I already did that quest way before i even started to raise rep.

I just did the Talmberg race again on a very old save. It bumped my reputation from 32 to 50. I don’t understand how people get 100 rep in neuhof…

Maybe u are losing reputation for no reason. At my second trial i also lost reputation for no reason. Today i play with the same style, but with no ridiculous reputation loss (trial number 6)