New around here

So I saw KC:D on sale for a decent price. Strongly considering picking it up but figured I’d check on here first.

Steam forums tend to be full of some pretty wild opinions and trolls, so I figured Coming here may be a step up at least.

How is the game? I wanna know The good, the bad, the ugly, and the best parts. Is it fairly balanced? Is it full of a ton of bugs or have they been patched out?? Is it optimized well or will my rig struggle to play it?

My pc is;

I5 6600k overclocked to 4.4ghz
8gb ddr4 ram
Gtx 980ti
I use an ssd for all games for faster loading
And I play at 1900x1080 resolution.

Any advice would be great. I’ve heard good things but I’ve also heard people saying there were too many bugs on release/currently and it’s not worth it. I’m ok with some bugs…I mean I still play Skyrim which is riddled with bugs even after mods, and I get that games are not going to be perfect.

I’ve got pretty much the same specs and it runs alright. It looks beautiful but expect a lot of texture pop ins. Pretty sure it’s the game itself and not my computer because it happens even on low settings. Other than that I’ve had no problems playing it. Played for ~300 hours and it rarely lagged and when it did it was only briefly.

But yeah, I’d recommend getting it. The game itself is amazing. If you really like Skyrim, this game is probably for you. I’d say it’s way better because there’s more roleplaying in this game and more in depth features that Skyrim lacks + it’s still getting updated by a company that listens to its community.

tl/dr: it’ll run alright for ya. Check youtube videos and see if it looks fun to you.

First off. Steam doesn’t offer lowest price ever right now, which was 22€ on GOG but the 3 DLCs are bundled together with main game which is worth the price 46€.

Game is great if you are forgiving and patient player and tend to focus on nice things. It is riddled with bugs, however every player has different experience.

My first playline was all right, some visual and sound flaws, especially by the end, that affected my immersion. I was forced to replay three times because game broke. I finished it in 88 hours and found some more interesting sites and treasures afterwards, you can play in sandbox after end game.

Now, I am playing new playline and I have more issues at the beginning which are forcing me to replay.

One big issue seems to be fixed with latest update that also improved graphics. You should be performing well around medium-high settings.
Example. My PC. Gtx 1060, i7-8700, 16gb.
Ultra 20-40. Medium runs mostly above 50. If you lower distance, shadows and light effects, you will gain a lot of performance.

There’s a lot of dialogues, cutscenes, nice graphics. It’s not so much action packed as Skyrim, neither is combat click spamming, it’s served in a slow paced story that gets more interesting further the end while Skyrim story is traditional fantasy, where you are chosen hero, savior of the world, here instead you are common man who is looking for revenge, however your path will lead through various obstacles, you can not roleplay any class, you are experiencing the history in factual world, sometimes linearity doesn’t let you do whatever you want to in an open world.

If you like open world RPGS it’s excellent. You should be able to run it pretty well on your PC. The thoughts on this site vary wildly from people who swear they can’t play the games from people have had barely any bugs. Me personally , I haven’t had many. Especially after all the patches. I’ve had it since release have played it about 400 hours I think. Three are few mods that are great and they haven’t even released the dev kid yet so there will be even more in the future. With a ssd you shouldn’t have any problems with texture loading like thef first comment mentioned. I don’t on mine anyway with HD textures turned on.

If you do have trouble there are lots of ways to configure it if you know a little bit about editing files and things. Even you don’t there are people here that would help you.

I don’t know what the steam price is but you can get a steam key on this site for a little over 29 dollars. It’s a perfectly legal site and they all work… I use it all the time. At that price it is definitely worth it.

Here is a guy running it with your processor and GPU on youtube on Ultra if you want to get an idea of what it looks like…

In that case I suggest you use the console and add

That increases the beauty.

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