New guy.... question about saves

A good friend of mine just lent me this game. It’s the original version from over a year ago. I’m super excited to get started but there is a topic on gamefaqs (I know, I know but still) where a guy is having trouble loading his regular edition save data to his new Royal Edition. I really don’t know how true this is but can anyone confirm that if I try this game out and like it the save data from this regular edition will transfer over to the Royal Edition?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am legit concerned about this. Thank you.

You can copy any save game and share it with someone else

Unless you use family share on Steam and you only own basic game. In that case, your friend’s DLCs (Royal edition) won’t work for you.

Hmmm I’m very sorry. I think I was not clear in what I was trying to say… I should begin by saying I am playing the PS4 version. It’s my fault for not mentioning it.

My friend lent me the disc version for the PS4. It is the regular version released back in early 2018. My question is: if I start my game on this regular edition on my PS4 and I like it enough that I buy a copy of the Royal Edition (also for the PS4)… will the save file I started with the regular edition transfer over on to the Royal Edition?

I’m so sorry for not being clear before. I didn’t mean to waste anyone’s time. Thanks for any help.

@DrFusselpulli maybe you can answer this…

Yes, upgrades of a gameplay from the normal edition to the royal edition are possible :slight_smile:

Hi, just found this Post.
Since you mentioned it would be possible to open old save games from the normal PS4 version in the Royal Edition, I was wondering how it works?
I have both games updated on the newest version and don’t want to start over after over 100+ hours.
The royal edition does not show any save games as load and continue are both greyed out.

Appreciate your help.

Hello, thank you very much for your post. I asked our QA team. And in fact my previous answer was wrong. I`m very sorry about about. For PS4, the Royal Edition and the Kingdom Come: Deliverance base game are two different versions. So in this case it is unfortunately not possible, to transfer the saves.

Thank you for checking.
I assumed that would be the case. But what is strange that the PlayStation itself does not treat it as a separate game in regards to trophies for example, as they are shown under both games with the same progress.
I guess there is not upgrade or workaround coming for this? I would also be fine with an option to start with an already levels character just to speed up the early game instead of doing 100 hours again :smile:

I`m not sure if this is possible, we don´t have a new game+ mode in KCD.