New Mod Ideas

Please someone, make it happen :wink:
Mod Ideas:

  1. Henry
  • few quests with your friends - Matthew, Fritz, Mathias, Johanka, Theresa, etc., and one big event “A Night to Remember” :slight_smile:
  • secure the winter quest - dry shed, poaching, master huntsman
  • secure Prebyslavitz - help from Haneken Hare if you helped him, help from Band of Bastards if your reputation in the camp is higher then 80%, help from fist fighters from Sasau if you choose to doublecross the Taner,
    help from Merhojed & Neuhof people if they are grateful to you for what you did for them - actually they no longer wants to live in Rattay region after Hans/Hanush wars for power and they moved to Talmberg/Prebyslavitz/Skalitz Region - Malechar and his family + Crop field woman (if you help her burried her husband) moved to Prebyslavitz, Straw + others in Merhojed + Neuhauf lady, Ginger and the others moved to Rovna and rebuild it.
  • new buildings for Prebyslavitz (armory, barracks, archery, stone walls, crop fields, butcher/baker, garrison, warehouses, new master blacksmith armor/sword)
  • new villagers for Prebyslavitz (Mathias, Johanka, Adela, Brother Nicodemus, Master Mikesh and his wife and apprentice (if you choose armorer before that in From the Ashes)
  • new priest for Prebyslavitz (Godwin and his “wife” or Simon) - few quests for making it possible.
  • Renovation of Skalitz - you must make home for your father who will be kicked out from Pirkstein
  • villagers for Skalitz - quest to save villagers from Hans/Hanush conflict of rulling (Beran, Beran’s wife, Jane, Pickman, Tonda, Rock, Antonia and her husband, Agnes), where is the people from the Woman’s Lot that Theresa saves? Holba, Jarmila, Marush, Julian and Master potter - you should get them back to renovated Skalitz.
  • defend Prebyslavitz from Ishtvan raid, kill him in battle and take the sword of your father.
  • Doctor in the house - with the starvation there is ill that spreads to the villagers, Henry must find a cure and provide for whole Northern Bohemia - Skalitz, Prebyslavitz, Talmberg, Rovna, Ushitz (support from Nicodemus)
  1. Henry & Theresa
    a) got married, have child, Theresa moved to Prebyslavitz
  • few quests with Peshek, Theresa, Lords of Bohemia - to make it happen
    b) impossible love
  • Lady Stephanie is pregnant - Sir Divish dies, Henry got married with Stephanie and becomes Lord of Talmberg & Prebyslavitz
  • Henry becomes a nobleman and Lords of Bohemia demands noble wife for Henry - after that he doesn’t want to be a noble
  • Deal is a deal - Master Tobias demands the hand of Theresa - kill Tobias
  1. Sir Hans
  • schemes to return as a rightfull Lord of Rattay
  • schemes to kick out Radzig from Pirkstein
  • schemes to kill Henry
  • war with Hanush
  • alliance between him and Ishtvan Toth -
    (lie Henry about that he is not finding Ishtvan - actually he is finding him and Ishtvan promises that he will make sure that Sir Hans will return
    as a rightful Lord of Rattay after Prague)
  1. Bad harvest
  • denomination of Groschen, your money doesn’t give you any benefit all that matters is food, how to survive the winter
  • bandit raids for food in the towns/villages
  • hide food supplies
  • hide money
  • hide & secure war supplies
  • escorting merchants from village to village & bandits ambushes
  • grinding mines for ore/silver to craft war supplies (Tonda, Antonia, Antonia’s husband, Rock, Susana - the girl that stays in miners camp after the death of Nemoy (if you helped her) are the new workers and supervisors of the Mines)
  1. Map
  • new areas:
    Prague - few quests with sir Hans, League of Lords, sir Anselm of Donkey (if my memory serves well he will be at your service after you find the killer in the bandit camp near Sasau Monastery, maybe he will help you escape Prague, because sir Hans wanted to kill you there.
    After all sir Hans can’t stand you, because you are better then him in swordfight, archery, hunt, war and so on, but he pretends that he likes you to use you for some errands…)
    Kuttenberg - find some of old Martin’s friends and rivals, few quests with them, find allies against Sigismund
    Vlashim - more allies to the Henry’s cause, sir Radzig provides those after he was kicked out from Pirkstein
    Beneshof - more allies to the Henry’s cause, sir Radzig provides those after he was kicked out from Pirkstein
    Znojmo - Henry fight and kill Sigismund
  1. Hussite wars (History accurate events, please some czech gamer to provide the ideas, beucase I can’t be history accurate.)
  • Henry fights against nobility, after Jan Hus death.
  • Henry dies as hero of Bohemia in Hussite Wars. (end game)

Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. I’ll be happy to see and play something similar and near to my ideas. Perhaps there will be someone who could provide such mod… in my head it sounds more like expansion then the mod, but I hope to see something like it :wink:

A suggestion: more fps in animations.

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Мне очень не нравится что в игре все обычные и кольчужные койфы, бармицы у шлемов уходят под доспехи.
это очень погано выглядит и совершенно не исторично. На исторических рисунках, на фотках с реконструкторами все койфы и бармицы поверх доспеха.

Пожалуйста, используйте Google Translate, если вы не говорите по-английски.

(Please use google translate if you can’t speek English.)

Yes, mail coif is under plate armour in the game. It is wrong. But it is limit of the technology of layers. Each layer has its order. cloth - padded - mail - plate - jacket. The only way to get mail coif above the armour is to change the order of hte layers.
But if you would change it, then mail armour (coif, mail shirt, mail hoses…) would be above helm, cuirass, plate legs and arms.

This is clear. Coif can’t. But isn’t the barmitsa and the helmet a single entity? the couif is under armor, and the barmitsa is on top.

What KC:D really needs is some alternative start mod and variation of such for fully sandbox gameplay style. Like, really, when you start game for more than 10th time, it gets tedious to play prologue, and I just get tired from the same unchanging story again, and again, and again…

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I’d like to see some besagews on armplates, early bevors, a barbute and more drawn down kettle hats with maybe even eyeslits.
Some additional polearms like quaterstaffs, poleaxes and partizans wouldn’t hurt either.

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