New Patch 1.9.3-404-501 (on Steam)

Looks like a new Patch has arrived…
Version: 1.9.3-404-501

Who knows more?? :slight_smile:


Well…….I think……I mean……I…

they just released extensive modding tools… guess it is related to that.


I really hope this patch addresses the issue I have hid with forced reboots on save and quit and then losing all my saves. My system should not be forced to reboot. Also yes I disabled hyperthreading, it did nothing. I used the config settings, they did nothing, I have run check disk, system file checks, cleaned registry, adjusted bios, used default clocks, etc. Nothing worked and its just this game. I will reinstall it with this patch and hope it works.

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Patch notes please?

Can someone tell me a camp where bandits or maybe cumans too have a dog as an ally or is that a feature which will activated after adding the dog into player party? I dont know if it is a bug or something from one of my installed mods but yesterday i’ve played around 8 hours and never got an raid where dogs were present. It would be nice if one of my mods preventing the game to give enemies dog companions which annoyed many players after AWL DLC integration.

Bad memory? => run memte see t yo check