New PC setup need help!

The old PC build threads are all in ancient time so pardon me starting a new one.

I never get to know each part to build so I’m looking for the whole set. My budget meets these $600-700 guys here

I once had GTX 760 so I know GTX1060 is quite good but that’s all I see there. So the major difference between those 2 is the chipset core i3 vs core i5.

You guys think another $100 is worth it :-? I like FPS games like battlefield, crysis, farcry, call of duty …

You should get to know the parts.

Building your own knowledge beats asking around forums. Plenty of information online.

The I5 I3 question depends purely on the game. Crysis yes i5. Cod meh won’t matter.Some games will be well coded,or smaller less ai les calculations so will have no difference. Others will need the extra cores to maintain more stable fps.

I find bigger open worlds more demanding ai need more cores. But there are factors here.

Personally you are already taking the plunge. So get the I5 so you don’t come across a game next year and think I should have just got the i5 . the gtx 1060 6gb (not the 3 gb) unless the price is coming too close to the 1070. Which is very possible. I’m not as sure about the American market but there is a surge in gpu prices creeping up across the board because of bitcoin mining.

Definitely get the i5. BTW - KC:D will be probably CPU intensive game because of open world.

Hi, thanks. I actually went for the $1000 set as I got some extra bucks.

Sure I’d want to build it for once, atleast 4-5 years from now. I removed the 2t HDD as I didn’t need that much, replaced by 1t HDD and a 128GB SSD. The SSD performs really good, I’ve never experienced windows running as good with my previous sets.

Hey, I think you should check out also this 1050€ set. I am not recommending it per say, but I am watching over its price to drop right now. I think it is even now worth the price. Compare it to your set if you want.

that’s the exact model you got? good shout if it is.

I have a gtx 1070 myself. great card. and yes ssd all the way. down the line for your birthday or xmass pick yourself up a 500gb ssd .maybe black Friday or cyber Monday. . then put steam onto this 500gb ssd. there are games that also benefit from an ssd.

You can vuild a 1000 dollar gaming pc with these specs

1: Gigabyte Z370p D3
2: Intel Core i5-8600k
3: ASUS GeForce GTX 1060
4: Power Supply- EVGA 500 BQ 80
5: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb ddr4
6: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB Hard Drive
7: Adata Ultimate Su800 SSD
8: InWin 101 ATX Computer Case

these Specs plays all games well like fortnite Doom witcher Far Cry 5 and most important PUBG

Probably not relevant to the thread (given timeframes),…

Certainly not a great value build either.
Kinda doubles down on mediocrity rather than do anything particularly well.
Could spend less and get equal performance, or vary it a bit and have a better system.
Great general purpose rig- not a killer by any standard.
Probably not right to recommend others to go that path without explaining build decisions…