(New player) How do I beat Runt in hardcore mode?

I can’t land a damn hit on him. I played hardcore just because I knew I wond have a map marker and wanted that. :frowning: it’s so frustrating to redo the whole mission 7 times to no avail. He always tries to climb on me for some reason and if I touch him he hits me with his fist. If I swing he parry and goes berserk hitting me 3-5 times and if I do nothing he just shoves me around. I’m doomed to fail. What should I do. Is there a console command to kill him or something?

Are you encumbered? With overload, your speed goes down. In that case drop some loot. But remember: you will not be able to pick em up again

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Train with captain Bernard to get your sword and other combat skills up. Train until you have stats ~12-15. Make sure you learn master strikes; they’ll make the fight with Runt way easier. Get yourself St. George’s Sword, found in a chest in the woods north of Ledetchko; it’s the best in the game. Make sure you have decent plate armor; if you don’t, you can always grab some from the bandits you kill during the quest where you attack Pribyslavitz. And to execute master strikes in hardcore mode, you really need to pay attention to the enemy’s swing, as well as the sound that plays when you have a time window to block.

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Use Master Strike, use any common weapon, doesn’t matter. Master Strike = autowin in any duel fight, because it can’t be countered.


Use piercing arrow better with a “bane” poison for the start of the combat, it’s quite effective ^^

I have to agree, it sounds like Henry was greedy and overloaded with loot. About the sword? My battles with Runt are over too quick with him dead at my feet. I just use a war hammer, preferably one with some stab damage. Fyi, my Henry does carry a long and short sword, hammer, axe, and Cuman bow. I match weapon to application. Runt just turned out to be a putz. (Hardcore Putz) :joy:

True, I started the game again last week for like the fifth time, and Runt was on the ground after a single master strike (lmao).