New Tier/funding/backer - similar loot - half the fee?


So I have kept an occasional eye on the games progress and updates and something that has been making me a bit more irritated is the new backer/funding levels.

I am an original backer since January of 2014. I paid a hefty price for my tier and then later a new tier at half the price was offered with minimal difference. My tier says I will be able to personally choose an inscription for my sword and I was then told that it will all be simply hand jammed in via template and everyone that got a sword gets the same? There aren’t that many swords and even less Emperor Tiers.

Hopefully this was changed and I missed an email somewhere asking for my personal inscription.


This is a very special question. I don´t know the answer right now to be honest, I have to check about it.
But the major difference between the Emperor and the Limited Edition is not the inscription of the sword, but that your face is painted by hand as a saint in one of the churches in the game.
Similar to the ones shown in this video:


Thank you for getting back to me and looking into the subject.